Which fabric for a mosquito net?

It has probably happened to you before: you are soundly asleep and suddenly you hear that irritating buzzing sound by your ear from an annoying mosquito. This can easily be solved by hanging a mosquito net above your bed. With the help of a mosquito net from Bambulah, you are assured of a good night’s sleep and small insects are kept at a distance. Our durable mosquito nets are handmade by artisans in Bali. This is reflected in the professional quality of the sewing, the various details and the beautiful finish of each mosquito net. From cotton to polyester, our mosquito nets are available in different types of fabrics. Are you curious which fabric suits you best? Then read on!

Look & feel

Choosing a fabric for a mosquito net is rather a matter of personal choice or style. Whether you opt for a cotton, polyester or canvas mosquito net, all our nets protect against mosquitoes and other insects. The real difference is in the look & feel!

Cotton mosquito net

Are you going for an elegant and eye-catching look in your bedroom? Then choose a luxurious cotton mosquito net. Our mosquito nets are made of high-quality 100% organic cotton! Our cotton is not bleached and therefore retains its beautiful natural appearance. At Bambulah we like to pay extra attention to a sustainable production process. For example, we first wash the cotton fabric thoroughly before it is used in our mosquito nets. This ensures that the fabric won’t shrink in the wash. The cotton mosquito nets are very fine-mesh and are therefore suitable for keeping small insects, such as mosquitoes and sand flies, out. At the same time, these mosquito nets have excellent breathability, resulting in high air circulation. Our cotton mosquito nets have reinforced points in all the right places and are finished with a double hem. Only our round cotton mosquito nets come with a rattan frame.

Polyester mosquito net

Do you prefer a mosquito net that lasts longer? Then choose a polyester mosquito net. Our polyester mosquito nets are made by hand and are made of high-quality synthetic material. The polyester mosquito nets are beautifully finished with a cotton double hem. With 256 holes per square inch, our polyester mosquito nets guarantee optimal air circulation while the density of the net is high enough to keep mosquitoes out. The advantage of a polyester mosquito net is that this material does not shed any dust. A polyester mosquito net is therefore ideal for people with a house dust mite allergy. A relatively small adverse effect of a polyester mosquito net is that friction in dry air can make it slightly static. All our polyester mosquito nets come with a bamboo frame for strength and quality.

Canvas mosquito net

Are you looking for a super strong mosquito net for the garden? Then go for an outdoor mosquito net made of canvas. Our canvas mosquito nets have the strength of a safari tent and have been specially developed for outdoor use. The edges and roof of the mosquito net are made of canvas. The net is made of reinforced polyester. With 256 holes per square inch, we guarantee optimal air circulation while the density of the net is high enough to keep the mosquitoes out. The high-quality materials make the mosquito net very durable and suitable for hanging outside all season. Furthermore, the materials are weather resistant, but after prolonged exposure to sunlight, it is possible that the colour of the mosquito net fades. It is important to allow the mosquito net to dry thoroughly if the mosquito net gets wet. In this way, no mould can develop and the mosquito net stays nice and neat.

More information? Please contact us!

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