Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of sale of Bambulah, a webstore fully owned by MaMa Trading BV (MaMa Trading BV is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number 74478796) hereafter referred to as: “Bambulah”, and these terms and conditions of sale: the “Conditions”.

These Conditions apply to all orders placed by you with Bambulah via its webstore ( By placing an order, you agree to the applicability of these Conditions to the agreement between you and Bambulah.
These Conditions set out the rights and obligations of the parties that apply to your ordering of products via the Bambulah webstore. It is therefore important that you take the time to read these Conditions carefully. Bambulah recommends saving these Conditions on your computer and/or printing them for your records.

1. Information about Bambulah

1.1 Bambulah is part of MaMa Trading BV, a private limited liability company incorporated in the Netherlands. The full contact information of Bambulah is as follows:

Bambulah B.V.
Lijsterbeslaan 31
1214 LP Hilversum
E-mail: [email protected]

The above address is not a return address! Packages cannot be accepted. See our website for details on returns.

Chamber of Commerce number: 74478796
VAT number: NL859917745B01

2. Your Details

2.1 To enable a smooth and timely execution of the agreement by Bambulah, it is important that you correctly and completely provide your name, your e-mail address and the delivery address as per the instructions. You are responsible for the accuracy of the details provided by you. You will find the full contact details of Bambulah under Article 1 of these Conditions.

2.2 Bambulah will use the details provided by you only in the manner indicated in the privacy statement, which is available on its website.

3. Offer and Agreement

3.1 When you buy an article via the Bambulah webstore, you enter into an agreement with Bambulah. The agreement starts when Bambulah has sent a confirmation to the e-mail address specified by you.

3.2 An agreement arising from an offer which contains an obvious mistake and/or error, such as an unusually low price, is not binding upon Bambulah. Please contact Bambulah when you have a doubt about the validity of an offer.

4. Price and Payment

4.1 The price in the webshop when you place an order is the total price including all VAT (if applicable) and shipping costs. Any import duties or country specific taxes are not included (article 5.3).

4.2 You can pay for your order in the ways indicated in the Bambulah webstore.

5. Order Processing and Delivery

5.1 Bambulah aims to process and deliver your order as smoothly and quickly as possible.

5.2 Orders are shipped to the delivery address provided by you and via the means of delivery chosen by you.

5.3 If the delivery address is located outside the European Union, it is possible that the country in question charges additional levies, such as import tax. Bambulah has no influence or control over such levies and can therefore not provide you with further information. You must check yourself if the ordered articles can be exported and imported to the country in question and what the costs are, before placing such an order. Any import duties & taxes payable will be the customer’s sole responsibility and may need to be paid at the time of delivery. Any other costs resulting from the rejection of paying these import duties & taxes will be payable by the customer.

5.4 Ownership of the ordered products passes to you as soon as Bambulah has received full payment.

5.5 Bambulah takes great care to ensure that products are shipped accurately and in full. Should you unexpectedly receive incomplete or damaged products, please contact Bambulah.

5.6 Incorrect address provided by client
EU shipments
In the event of returns related to an incorrect address provided by the customer (reference: Google Maps), Bambulah will charge 20 euros for costs incurred for shipping & returns, before sending out the package for delivery again. The customer must transfer this amount to a bank account to be specified by Bambulah.
Shipments outside the EU
In the event of returns related to an incorrect address provided by the customer (reference: Google Maps), Bambulah will charge 20 euros for costs incurred for shipping & returns, before sending out the package for delivery again. The customer must transfer this amount to a bank account to be specified by Bambulah.

5.7 Not being present at the delivery address on the day of delivery
The customer is at all times responsible for being present at the delivery address on the day of delivery. Bambulah automatically sends every customer a shipping confirmation containing a track & trace link as soon as the order leaves the Bambulah warehouse. It is up to the customer to keep a close eye on the shipment in order to avoid delivery problems. If a delivery attempt is made, but the customer is not present at the address at the time of the delivery attempt, it is the customer’s responsibility to schedule a new appointment with the carrier. Any resulting costs for not being present at the time of delivery are fully borne by the customer.

5.8 Returns after delivery attempts
Bambulah reserves the right to charge additional shipping costs after receiving a return due to the carrier’s inability to deliver. The customer must transfer the shipping costs to a bank account to be specified by Bambulah, before Bambulah can resend a package after failed delivery attempts. If the customer no longer wishes to receive the package and wishes to cancel the order, an amount of 20 euros will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. These costs are to compensate for costs incurred with regard to shipping, administration and fulfilment (handling).

5.9 Difficult addresses
Bambulah defines a ‘difficult address’ as follows:
– an address without a house number
– an address where the combination ‘street name + house number’ does not exist according to Google Maps
– an address where the customer provides further explanation about how best to reach the address only upon inquiry by Bambulah
– a remote address
If in one of the above cases a shipment cannot be carried out by a regular carrier of Bambulah, then Bambulah had the right to oblige the customer to accept a shipment by courier service. Additional costs for delivery by courier service will have to be paid in full by the customer. In such a situation, it is up to the customer to choose to accept or cancel the order.
When a shipped order is returned due to a ‘difficult address’, the costs for shipping & returns will be charged to the customer (see 5.6 for costs).

5.10 Canceling an order
When canceling an order before the order has been sent, the customer will at all times be charged 15 euros for costs incurred at the payment provider and fulfilment center.

5.11 Canceling an order (after shipment)
When canceling an order, after the order has been sent, the customer will at all times be charged 15 euros for costs incurred at the payment provider and fulfilment center. In addition to this, the shipping costs will also be charged.

5.12 Return receipt after 30 days
If a return arrives at our warehouse after more than 30 days after ordering, the right to a money refund expires. Between 30-60 days we give a voucher instead of a refund. This option also expires after 60 days.

5.13 Bambulah does not ship and/or deliver to the UK

6. Quality

6.1 Bambulah aims to display products on its website as fully and accurately as possible. The nature of the offered products may result in differences (such as colour differences) between the display of products on the website and the product delivered to you.

6.2 The products on offer in the webstore, namely mosquito nets, are naturally subject to use. The lifespan of a product is partly dependent on the material of the product, the intensity of use and the level of care. Bambulah’s products are made from the materials listed in the webstore. For optimum lifespan and quality, it is important, where necessary, to follow the washing instructions.

7. Right of Withdrawal

7.1 You have the right to terminate the agreement within 30 days after the order date of your order. This is the so-called cooling-off period. You can use your right to terminate the agreement by sending us an email at [email protected] stating your order number and reason for return. Returns are only allowed if the product packaging and the product itself have not been damaged.

7.2 If you choose to terminate the agreement as far as a particular product is concerned, you are required to return this product as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after placing the order, to Bambulah’s address, which you can find on our website. The order must be in our warehouse at all times within 30 days of placing the order to be eligible for a refund.
The cost for the return will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

7.3 In case of termination as defined in Article 7.1, Bambulah shall refund the amount paid for the product in question after inspection and in any case no later than 14 days after receipt of the return in our warehouse. In case of non-receipt by Bambulah, you must be able to prove that the product has indeed been returned.

7.4 When you return a product that you have damaged or washed, from which the labels have been removed, a product that is incomplete or a product containing other signs of use which show that you have used the product extensively, you are liable to Bambulah for the total value of the product. Under these circumstances, Bambulah will not pay the refund amount.

7.5 If you refuse to take delivery of the order, due to a dispute with customs or other authorities related to the country as specified in the order details, which might eventually result in the order being returned to Bambulah, all costs associated with the initial shipping and the return shipping will be deducted from the initial purchase price.

7.5 Handling costs Bambulah
We charge a handling fee of 15 euro per returned mosquito net.
We charge a handling fee of 7,5 euro per returned accessory (set).
This charge is for checking/inspecting each returned mosquito net/accessory. In the case of a returned mosquito net this charge also covers re-ironing and folding the mosquito net so that it neatly fits back into the cotton bag and can be re-stocked. Returned accessories must also be inspected and repackaged so they can be returned to stock. The handling charges will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the customer.

7.6 Observed imperfections upon return
Bambulah reserves the right at all times to deduct an amount to be determined in the event of any imperfections in a returned mosquito net/accessory. This amount will be determined entirely by Bambulah and will be communicated to the customer.

7.7 Unannounced returns / Returns sent to a wrong address
Bambulah reserves the right at all times to charge a 10 euro handling fee for an unannounced return. If an unannounced return is sent to Bambulah’s head office or to one of the addresses mentioned by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Bambulah will refuse the package. Any additional costs in such a case will be charged entirely to the customer.

7.8 No return is possible after washing mosquito nets
Under no circumstance can Bambulah accept a return if the mosquito net has been washed by the customer.

8. Changes to These Conditions

8.1 If Bambulah decides to change these Conditions, it will publish the changed Conditions on its website. You are advised to check on a regular basis if the Conditions have changed. Any changes do not apply to orders that were placed before the date of change. These Conditions were last changed on 7 January 2023.

9. Disputes

9.1 Bambulah aims to deliver the highest possible quality regarding its products and services. Should you have any complaints, you can direct them to us by phone, post or e-mail:

Bambulah B.V.
Annie Romeinstraat 8
5142 MP Waalwijk, Netherlands
E-mail: [email protected]

Note: The above address should not be used for returns or exchanges of products. Please see the Exchanges & Returns section of our website for the correct address details if you wish to exchange or return a product.

9.2 If you have gone through the complaint procedure, but you want your complaint referred to another authority, you can contact the Dispute Commission via the European ODR Platform:

10. Applicable Law

10.1 Dutch law applies to these Conditions and to the agreements between you and Bambulah, with the exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention. This choice of law shall not affect any further protection that you have based on the mandatory provisions of the law that would apply without this provision.

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