Square Mosquito Nets

Box-shaped mosquito nets for beds of all sizes.

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Square mosquito nets for beds

Bambulah offers a wide range of square bed canopies, also known as Box models. We currently have 7 different models in various sizes and fabrics.

Bambulah’s square canopy mosquito nets have 6 or 8 suspension points, depending on whether it is a single or double bed model.

The bed canopies have steel rings in the loops to give a nice look and protect the fabric from wear.

Why should I choose a square bed canopy?

The choice of canopy does not depend so much on the shape and size of the bed but on personal preferences. Both provide a different look to the bedroom.

Modern aesthetic: Square canopy mosquito nets often have a contemporary and modern look – perfect for more modern spaces.

Perfect for rectangular beds: If you have a rectangular or square bed, a square canopy complements its geometry.

Many people choose a square mosquito net because it offers the most space when lying under the canopy.

Only premium materials for all our models at Bambulah

Bambulah® bed canopy mosquito nets are available in polyester, 100% organic cotton, and pure silk. The outdoor models also have reinforced canvas fabric.

All our mosquito nets are beautifully finished with a double cotton hem. This high-quality finish and design make our mosquito nets unique.

Both the product and the customer service are a 10/10.


Choose between a squared mosquito net for 1 or 2 people

This choice is primarily determined by the size of the bed for which you would like to buy the mosquito net. Check our size chart for a detailed description.

All our square canopy mosquito nets have 2 doors on each side, so you can enter or exit from either side of the bed, whether it is a single or double bed.

From Bambulah®, with love

At Bambulah, we manufacture luxurious and durable mosquito nets for both indoor and outdoor use. All our models are designed by us.

We have paid great attention to even the smallest detail, making our mosquito nets unique in the market. With a total of 40 different mosquito nets, we have the most extensive collection of premium bed canopy mosquito nets.

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