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Enjoy enhanced sleep quality with our single bed mosquito nets

At Bambulah, we offer a wide range of mosquito nets designed for single beds. They not only protect against insects but also act as a barrier against dust and create a charming effect in the room.

We want you to choose the mosquito net that best suits your single bed. To do this, we suggest the following steps.

First of all, choose whether you prefer a square or round mosquito net.

We have mosquito nets for single beds designed with a round canopy that provides a more elegant style and adds a fantastic touch to the room.

The round canopy has a diameter of 60 cm (24 inches) at the top of the mosquito net.

The models with a square canopy offer a more modern look and provide more volume of space.

Our single mosquito nets have the following dimensions: 220 cm (86 inches) in length x 160 cm (66 inches) in width x 240 cm (97 inches) in height. They fit perfectly with standard single beds with a width of 90 cm (35 inches) to 100 cm (39 inches).

If you have a bed that is 140 cm (55 inches) wide, we recommend choosing a mosquito net with a width of 160 cm (63 inches) or an XL size (mosquito net for 2 people) which has a width of 200 cm (79 inches).

Second, what is the best material for a single bed mosquito net?

Do you prefer super strong and high-quality polyester, or do you like 100% organic cotton? Both have a different look & feel. It is an entirely personal choice.

  • Polyester mosquito nets have the advantage of being more resistant and not emitting dust. However, due to the friction of polyester in dry air, a polyester net can become slightly static and will therefore attract some dust.
  • Cotton mosquito nets do not become static and have a somewhat better air circulation. Cotton nets do not attract dust, but they do release a bit more dust than a polyester net.

You will find single bed mosquito nets available in polyester and 100% organic cotton. All our mosquito nets are handmade and have a beautiful finish with a double cotton hem.

The high-quality finish and artisanal design make our mosquito nets unique.

“From the fabric to the labels, we have only one goal: to design and manufacture the best bed mosquito nets in the world.”

They can also be used for sofa beds, hammocks, and more, whether inside or outside the house. Create your safe space to relax, for example, to read a book without worrying about insects.

Finally, are you looking for a 1 or 2 person mosquito net?

This choice is determined by the size of your bed for which you want to buy the mosquito net.

All our round single bed canopies have 1 opening at the front of the net so you can easily get in or out of your mosquito net. The rest of our single bed mosquito nets have 2 doors on either side so that you can get in or out from either side of the bed.

Our passion reflected in our products

At Bambulah, we manufacture luxurious and durable single mosquito nets for both indoor and outdoor use. All our models are designed by us.

We have paid great attention to even the smallest detail, making our mosquito nets unique in the market. With a total of 27 different models, we have the world’s largest collection of high-end mosquito nets.

All this effort is reflected in our products, and we take great pride when reading the reviews our clients leave us.

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