Round Mosquito Nets

Round and bell-shaped mosquito nets for beds with different sizes.

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Round bed canopy mosquito nets

Bambulah offers a wide range of round bed canopies. These canopies are fixed at a single point above the bed, allowing the mosquito net to cover the entire bed. Simple, right?

Why should I choose a round canopy?

Many people choose a round canopy mosquito net because it requires minimal effort to attach the net to the ceiling. It can also be easily removed and stored for the winter. These are a few of the most common reasons, but here we leave you more:

Advantages of a round bed canopy

Romantic look: The round canopy is often associated with a more romantic and traditional aesthetic, adding a fantastic touch to the bedroom like something out of a fairy tale.

Versatile placement: Round canopy mosquito nets can be easily placed over various bed shapes, including round, oval, or rectangular beds.

The decision between a square or round canopy bed mosquito net comes down to your personal style preferences and the specific features of your bedroom. Both models are so beautiful that it’s often difficult to decide. Take your time!

Choose one of our handmade round canopy bed mosquito nets

Bambulah’s round canopy bed mosquito nets are currently available in polyester and 100% organic cotton.

All our mosquito nets are handmade in Bali and have a professional finish with a double cotton hem. The high-quality finish and design make our mosquito nets unique.

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. It arrived super fast, and the product quality is even better than I expected. I recommend it 100%.


Our single bed mosquito nets can also be used for sofas and hammocks outdoors. Create a safe haven to relax or read a book without being distracted by pesky insects every five minutes.

Are you interested in a canopy for 1 or 2 people?

This choice is determined by the size of the bed for which you want to buy the canopy mosquito net. Check our size chart for a detailed description.

All our round canopy mosquito nets for single beds have an opening at the front.

On the other hand, the round canopy mosquito nets for double beds have two doors on each side of the mosquito net.

The only exception is our double bed canopy “The Intan“, which has a single opening, and can also be used as a travel mosquito net.

From Bambulah®, with love.

At Bambulah, we make luxurious & durable mosquito nets for both indoor and outdoor use. All our models have been designed by ourselves.

Significant attention has been paid to even the smallest of details, making our mosquito nets unique in the market. With a total of 40 different mosquito nets, we have the most extensive assortment of luxury bed canopies.

About Bambulah

Where are Bambulah mosquito nets made?

Bambulah is proud to be involved in all stages of the production process. We designed our nets in the Netherlands and tested them thoroughly before moving on to production. Our nets are handmade in Bali in specific atelier with an emphasis on high-quality materials.

To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver to all countries in Europe except for the UK momentarily. Please note that delivery times vary depending on the country and region.

What is your return and exchange policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your mosquito net, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of the purchase date. Please consult our Exchanges and Returns section for more information.

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