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Bambulah introduces a new type of canopy: the Outdoor Canopy.

An extra strong mosquito net specially developed for outdoor use. Sitting under this canopy, you can have dinner, a drink or read a book without being disturbed by annoying mosquitos, sandflies or other flying pests.

We created an outside canopy that looks like a stylish bed canopy but with a safari tent's strength. So you can safely leave our outdoor nets outside all summer long!

Please note: we do not make to order. The sizes shown here are the only available sizes.

What makes our outdoor mosquito nets so unique?

1). Unique in the market

This product (a mosquito net made of canvas/tent cloth combined with strong & sturdy polyester mesh) is not yet available on the mosquito net market.
We received many questions from our customers about the possibility of hanging our mosquito nets outside. Our indoor bed canopies are beautiful, but they are not made to be hung outside. So we decided to develop an outside model that is robust enough to endure the beating of the sun, rain and wind. Starting from scratch, we developed a mosquito net that looks in design the same as our stylish indoor canopies, but much sturdier. Bambulah outdoor mosquito nets can easily stay outside throughout the entire summer.

2). The design

We have opted for three rectangular models for 4, 6 and 8 people, specially designed for most patios, verandas and balconies. We have omitted zippers or velcro to give the mosquito nets a more natural look. As with a regular bed canopy, we have large overlaps at the doors, to ensure they close properly and keep out mosquitoes, sandflies and other flying vermin. All models have cords to secure the door panels when the outdoor mosquito net is not in use. You can easily hang the canopy with unique loops and steel rings under any pergola or outside roof. Please note that there must be a possibility to hang/mount the net since we do not supply a frame.

3). Using canvas

Outdoor products suffer a lot from the sun, rain and wind. It's the main reason why we advise our customers not to hang our bed canopies outside. It can still be done, but the chance of damage is relatively high.
Until recently, however, there was no alternative. But with the introduction of Bambulah's outdoor mosquito nets that has now changed!
Our outdoor mosquito nets are robust. The net is made of reinforced polyester, the edges and roof are made of canvas (super strong cotton). We use materials which are also used for high-quality tents, making the net very durable and suitable for hanging outside all summer long. The outdoor net is packed in a beautiful canvas storage bag to store the outdoor canopy after the season. As with all our bed canopies, we supply a bag with all mounting materials so you can directly hang your outdoor mosquito net.

Philosophy of Bambulah luxury mosquito nets

At Bambulah, we make luxurious & durable mosquito nets for both indoor and outdoor use. All our models have been designed by ourselves. Significant attention has been paid to even the smallest details, making our mosquito nets unique in the market. With a total of 40 different mosquito nets, we have the most extensive assortment of luxury bed canopies.

Our goal: to make stylish & durable mosquito nets at a fair price. At Bambulah, we design, manufacture and sell a range of unique mosquito nets made of high-quality polyester, canvas, cotton and even silk. We want nothing less than to make the best outdoor & indoor mosquito nets that are also functional & decorative.