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Having travelled to exotic destinations, we fell in love with the bed canopy. Next to protecting against mosquitoes, it brings a lot of atmosphere into the bedroom. In our quest for the ultimate mosquito net, we quickly realised that this was not available. Our vision of a perfect bed canopy is a combination of protection & style and produced sustainably. We decided to redesign this age-old product from scratch. Every little detail has been carefully thought through and designed with our 3 core principles in mind: Durability, Protection & Style.

The result: the Bambulah Collection

The Bambulah family

During Covid, Bali was completely closed for almost two years, causing a lot of hardship for Balinese residents. Despite this sad situation, we were lucky enough to support our employees during these challenging times, even expanding our business. Behind every employee is a family that depends on our and your orders.

In March of 2022, we could finally go to Bali again. We organized a lunch for our employees to thank them for all their hard work during these difficult Covid times.

Bambulah luxury bed canopies

Whether it is summer and the mosquitoes are out. Or winter and you want to bring in the sun. Or you want to upgrade your bedroom with a beautiful bed canopy. With Bambulah, you will transform your most intimate place in the house in a heartbeat. Use our bed canopies in the bedroom, outside or use them for over your day bed. Get inspired by ideas from our collection. Our bed canopies are so much more than just functional mosquito nets. They can be used in various ways. Be creative!

A lifestyle brand from the Netherlands

Most of our mosquito nets are produced on the beautiful tropical archipelago of Bali in our own atelier. Here we found real artisans with true passion and attention to detail. Together we designed every canopy in our collection.

Handmade in Bali, Dutch Design!

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Bambulah on top of the World!

Bambulah Lifestyle makes its appearance on top of the iconic Mount Everest.

A high-end climbing organization asked us to make their luxury basecamp accommodation for the climber’s cosier—a home from home.

As a thank you the climbers agreed to take a flag with them to the top of Mount Everest.

Bambulah is truly on top of the World!

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