The Bambulah Forest

Creating a truly sustainable company, we are building the Bambulah forest. The majority of our production happens in Bali, Indonesia, and by creating our forest in Indonesia, we want to give something back to the country and its nature.

Bambulah is a proud partner of EcoMatcher. EcoMatcher partner with vetted foundations around the world that specialise in tree planting. EcoMatcher has a strong track record of working with international companies, helping them offset emissions and ensure their sustainability. Through their platform, you will have access to your adopted tree. With their technologies, you can virtually travel to your tree and see who the farmer is taking care of your tree. Together with our customers and our partner EcoMatcher, we want to make a difference for the future.

How does it work?

When you purchase a Bambulah bed canopy, you support our effort in creating the Bambulah Forest. We buy trees every year to grow our forest. We want to give something back to the beautiful country of Indonesia but also to offset our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Please check if you wish to read more about their fantastic projects.

The Bambulah forest has already grown above 1.500 trees!
Please help us to expand our forest and make an even bigger impact!

The Bambulah Forest

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