Dutch design, handmade in Bali

We travelled the world to find the best artisans to produce our Bambulah mosquito nets. We eventually found them in Bali, where our nets are crafted by hand, using only natural and high-quality materials. A lot of attention has been given to the details that make our bed canopies stand out. Inspired by the island’s natural beauty, we pay a lot of attention to a sustainable production process, both environmental & social.

Meet the Bambulah Atelier

To guarantee our high quality, unique designs & fair and sustainable way of production, we have decided to set up our own dedicated Bambulah Atelier.

In this comfortable workplace, Balinese artisans work to create the Bambulah collection. Even during Covid, our team has grown to more than 40 people!

Our philosophy: beautiful mosquito nets can only be created in our Atelier, where we can guarantee an inspiring, safe and work-friendly environment.

Affordable premium quality

Right from the start, Bambulah chose the correct route to an affordable premium product. By skipping the middlemen and retail mark-ups, Bambulah is able to offer you high-quality mosquito nets at a fair price.

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