Mosquito net or screen

Interested in getting rid of the buzzing in your room and mosquito bumps on your legs as fast as possible? In that case, purchasing a mosquito net or screen is not a bad idea! We are more than happy to delve into all the pros and cons with you.

Pros and cons of a mosquito net

Have you (like us) secretly fallen in love with how a mosquito net looks and are you hesitant to buy one? We have listed the most important points for you.


Wondering what the advantages of a mosquito net are? Be sure to keep reading!

  • A mosquito net ensures that your sleep is not disturbed. This product not only protects you from buzzing noise in your ears but also saves you from loads of mosquito bites.
  • This item will create a welcoming and cozy look for your bedroom. Midsummer or not; a mosquito net is a great addition to your bedroom!
  • You can choose a mosquito net entirely according to your needs. Do you prefer a mosquito net for a single or double bed? Interested in a specific shape and color? Or are you looking for a specific material? You can easily put together a mosquito net to suit all your needs.
  • A mosquito net is relatively cheap. Since you can customize this item, you control the price as well. For example, you can even buy a mosquito net at our shop for only €59!


Having read all the pros, you almost would not think of any cons. We took some time to do a thorough search, and it is worth keeping these points in mind.

  • You will need several hooks in your bedroom to hang your mosquito net. So, it is crucial that this be possible in your bedroom. Not a problem, right? Additionally, it is also worth noting that you do have hooks (or at least holes) in your room afterward.
  • The size of your mosquito net is of utmost importance! After all, the item must fit nicely around your bed. Otherwise, the insects can still get under the mosquito net and you obviously want to avoid that.

Pros and cons of a mosquito screen

Do you prefer a mosquito screen? Again, there are several pros and cons to this. Here we share our findings on what you should keep in mind!


It is not really an eye-catcher, but a screen has many cons.

  • One of the pros of a screen is that this item protects your entire door or window from both crawling and flying insects. This makes it ideal for you to open your door or window at any time of the day or night.
  • There are several types of screen doors for you to choose from. You can choose from a slatted screen, a traditional screen, or a (duo) pleated screen. A slatted screen has about 4 to 5 slats that are connected. Usually, this is done using magnetic strips. This makes it easy to walk in and out without using your hands. Convenient when you walk out with your hands full! The slatted screen will then return to its position immediately afterward. We all know the traditional screen door; you mount it on your exterior door and open it the same way as a normal door. And finally; the pleated screen. Currently, this type is wildly popular. It is a folded retractable system, making it easy to step in and out. The pleated screen can be stationary at any time, giving you the freedom to choose the position you want. Another great advantage is this: type of screen is even sunproof!


Are you interested in a mosquito screen at your bedroom window or outside door? Keep these points in mind.

  • Screen doors can be installed in front of any door, but it also means it can have consequences. Especially if you own a pet! The inability to see the screen door in time could lead these four-legged companions to cause serious damage.
  • With a screen installed on your windows and doors, much less light gets through and also reduces your view outside.
  • I guess you might have seen it coming, but screens are relatively expensive! Especially if your window or door does not have the standard dimensions. Prices for a tailor-made screen often start at €209. Not to mention, you often install one or two window screens in your bedroom, along with a possible screen door if you have a balcony adjacent to your bedroom. This will cost you serious money!
  • You can choose from a variety of screens, but unfortunately, that often may be paired with some drawbacks. For example, a slatted screen does not provide complete protection against crawling insects, and the other models are very fragile. Furthermore, you must account for your windows and doors for which you have not installed a screen. Did you accidentally open a window without a screen? Then the mosquitoes will come right in!

Which product is best suited for me?

Having read all the pros and cons of a mosquito net and screen, I’m sure you have a good idea of the item best suited for what your specific situation calls for. Do you still have doubts? Please let us know! We are more than happy to help you with all your questions.