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Mosquitoes are as old as dinosaurs. When we weren’t there yet as human beings, mosquitoes lived a quiet life, living from nectar they found in nature. Probably the dinosaur blood wasn’t that attractive to them, so they didn’t bother anyone.

Since we came into history, mosquitoes have been a worldwide problem. From a light annoying bite till a more dangerous one. All we know now about them, is that the female mosquitoes rule in stinging. We could say 100% girl power, but unfortunately not in the good way.

Mosquitoes don’t come where there is a light on, they come where you are. Call it human affection if you want or even love, but feel free to say that you really don’t need them. It all depends on your body temperature, the way your skin smells and the quantity of CO2 you produce.

The bigger you are, more CO2 you produce and so mosquitoes like you more. Maybe another good reason this summer to run an extra block and skip the 3rd ice cream of the day!

Anyhow, they will always find you. Even the luckier ones among us.

We all know the zooming sound at night when we really have to get up at 6.30 the other day and we know what it feels like when we get stung. It itches big time.

Bulan mosquito netModel Bulan

How to stop mosquito bites from itching is an ancient question

We could give you some anti mosquito tips like stop scratching. Yeah well. We could write down a list of mosquito control products like after-bite, lavender oil, lemon juice, teabags or a banana peel. We could tell you to start your breakfast with garlic pills, drink more beer or try to stop them from itching with a spoon.

We could even get you a little worried by describing more than 3000 different kinds of mosquitoes worldwide, from the extravagant tiger mosquito to the ordinary home mosquito. We could tell you that beside the itching, a lot of bites can make you sick.

But we could also try to give you a more relaxed answer. Don’t get stung.

Maybe the word mosquito net makes you think of a burrito net. You know, the kind of net that sticks to your body in warm summer months, as if you were a sweaty roll. You are already tossing and turning in your bed, because it is bloody hot and on top of that you have this scrim around you.

We understand. But then you might want to continue reading now.

Akash mosquito netModel Akash

You have mosquito nets and luxury mosquito nets. Say what?

Just imagine a 100% cotton mosquito net, ventilating, widely hung around your bed that even the wildest sleeper can’t be bothered. Or think about super-soft chiffon for your little one, so that it can sleep safely all night through.

Imagine a luxury mosquito net around your bed that looks beautiful, protects, but also gives you the idea of total freedom. A fully sustainable material that remains fresh, even if it is warm outside. Just think for a moment that you will never get stung again at night.

But of course, if you prefer to sleep with a banana peel on your leg, we haven’t said anything.

Thanks for visiting!

Goodnight. And sleep safe.