List of the best mosquito-repellent plants and how to take care of them

23 May 2024 / Team Bambulah

In addition to being unbearable, mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases like Zika. Fortunately, there are many plants with naturally repellent properties that you can easily grow at home to combat these dreadful pests.

To make things clearer, we have compiled a list of plants that will become your best allies in your fight against mosquitoes.

The best mosquito-repellent plants

To effectively combat mosquitoes in your garden, here is a list of plants to prioritize:

  • Citronella
  • Lemon Basil
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Rose Geranium

Grow these plants in your garden and enjoy your outdoor spaces all year round without having to resort to potentially harmful chemicals, which can be detrimental to both the environment and your health.

Properties of the best mosquito-repellent plants and how to take care of them


Citronella is undoubtedly the most effective plant for fighting mosquitoes. This plant, with its long, thin leaves, originates from Asia and emits a lemony scent that mosquitoes detest. Be strategic and plant it near your terrace or outdoor relaxation area. You can also place a few stalks in a vase with water to create an additional barrier against mosquitoes.

Citronella as a mosquito-repellent plant

How to take care of citronella

Caring for citronella is quite simple. First and foremost, ensure it is placed in a sunny location with well-drained soil. Water it regularly, especially in the summer, to prevent the soil from drying out. You can also plant it directly in the ground, but it is recommended to protect it from frost with mulch or by bringing it indoors when temperatures drop.

Lemon basil

Lemon basil not only repels mosquitoes but also adds new flavors to your dishes (it is a staple in Iranian cuisine). It emits a scent similar to citronella when you rub its leaves between your fingers. Plant it in your garden, fully enjoy its repellent properties, and use its fresh leaves in salads, drinks, and other culinary preparations.

Lemon basil as a mosquito-repellent plant

Maintaining the lemon basil

To get the most out of your lemon basil, plant it in a sunny spot with soil rich in organic matter. It dislikes the cold and needs protection when winter temperatures arrive (consider temperatures below 10°C as the red line). Water it regularly without soaking the foliage, and give it occasional baths if it is growing in a pot.


In addition to its well-known fragrance, lavender is valued for its mosquito-repellent power. Plant it in pots in your garden or on your terrace in the spring or autumn.

Lavender as a mosquito-repellent plant

Caring for lavender in a few words

Lavender is a plant that tolerates winter and drought well. Avoid excessive watering, as this can cause rot. Regularly prune your lavender to encourage the growth of new stems, and harvest the flowers when they are fully purple.

More Information on Lavender Care


Peppermint is known for repelling mosquitoes due to its strong menthol and peppery scent. You can use it in pots in your garden and enjoy it in infusions to signal to mosquitoes that they are not welcome at your home.

Peppermint as a mosquito-repellent plant

Growing peppermint

Peppermint thrives in moist, rich soil, in partial shade or full sun. Remember to water it regularly, as it loves water. Peppermint has a reputation for being invasive, so it is recommended to grow it in pots or give it enough space if you plant it in the ground.

Rose geranium

Rose geranium is an ornamental plant from South Africa. It produces beautiful, brightly colored flowers and emits a rose-like fragrance. This fragrance is detested by mosquitoes. Plant geraniums in pots near your outdoor relaxation areas to fully benefit from their repellent qualities.

Rose geranium as a mosquito-repellent plant

Caring for rose geraniums

Due to its origins, rose geranium loves the sun and needs it to develop well. Water it regularly, especially when temperatures rise, and ensure the soil dries out between waterings to prevent rot. For complete gardening tips on rose geranium, follow our detailed guide.


Now you’re well-equipped with an army of mosquito-repellent plants to reduce the number of pests ruining your days. Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof method. If some mosquitoes slip through, check out our bed nets to protect your nights.

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