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How do I choose the right single bed canopy?

Bambulah has a whole range of single bed canopies.

First of all: do you want a round or a square model?

We have round bed canopies for a single bed with a size of 60cm/24inch diameter at the top of the net.

As a square model, we have the following size: 220cm/86inch long x 160cm/66inch wide x 240cm/97inch high. Fitting any standard single bed or super single bed with a mattress size of 90cm/35inch -100cm/39inch wide. If you have a bed of 140cm/55inch wide, you can choose a bed canopy with a width of 160cm/63inch or an XL size (2-person mosquito net) which is 200cm/79inch wide.

Second, what material for a single bed canopy?

Do you prefer super strong and high-quality polyester, or do you like 100% organic cotton? Both have a different look & feel. It is an entirely personal choice.

Polyester mosquito nets have the advantage that they are stronger and that they do not emit dust. However, due to the friction of polyester in dry air, a polyester net can become slightly static and will thus attract some dust.

Cotton bed canopies do not become static and have a somewhat better air circulation. Cotton bed canopies also do not attract dust, but they do release a bit more dust than a polyester net.

Bambulah single bed mosquito nets are currently available in polyester, but also in 100% organic cotton. All our mosquito nets are finished beautifully with a double cotton hem. The high-quality finish and design make our mosquito nets unique. "From the fabric to the labels, we have only one goal: to make the best bed canopies in the world."

Our 1-person bed canopies can also be used for daybeds inside or outside. Create a safe cocoon to relax or to read a book.

Finally: are you looking for a 1 or 2 person mosquito net?

This choice is determined by the size of your bed for which you want to buy the mosquito net. See our size chart for a detailed overview. All our round single mosquito nets have 1 opening at the front of the net, so you can easily get in or out of your mosquito net. Our single bed canopy has 2 doors on either side so that you can get in or out from either side of the bed.