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Where would I be without my Bambulah? Sounds like the title of a song. Wouldn’t you be coola’ protected by your bulah? Could be rap. Or at least the first draft of a rap.

How to clean a bed canopy, if I wanna keep safe that family? Nice rhyme. Maybe not the hottest subject to make rhymes about, but for sure we will tell you later how to do it.

First a joke.

Jack tells his friend Joey that he killed 6 mosquitoes last night. Joey says cool. Jack says 3 male and 3 female. Joey asks how do you know? Jack says 3 were hanging on the TV, 3 on the mirror. Joey says nothing…

Of course, humor is subjective. Always been, always will be. But think a moment of funny jokes about mosquitoes. You have one? Hard right?

You wanna know why? We are not fond of mosquitoes. Never been, never will be. That’s why Bambulah created for you irresistible mosquito nets to keep them outside. And not to have a night like Jack’s.

Bambulah Mosquito Nets

Can we put mosquito nets in a washing machine?

Imagine that your ordered one of our mosquito nets. A few days later a beautiful small package arrives, yes, we are happy to say that also the packages look beautiful. You open it, get the mosquito net out of the cotton bag and there it is. White, clean, wonderful, like a virgin. (Thanks Madonna, great song).

Now you can not wait to hang it. Make sure you find the right spot above your bed to avoid unnecessary holes in your ceiling. Our models differ from one central hanging point to four points where you attach your mosquito net.

Wow, doesn’t that look marvelous!

Then, after some time, you will have to clean your bed canopy. If you want to know if you can put a mosquito net in the washer, our answer is yes, but only the polyester ones.

You can easily put them in the washing machine, maximum temperature 30°C. If you have a cotton mosquito net, you can not put it in the washer. You can wash it by hand in cold water. You don’t need to by a special detergent for it, any detergent will do.

Just make sure, the water is cold and you rinse it well. If you need to clean a double bed mosquito net, the procedure is the same.

The Sanggah

Never put the net in the dryer!

Then when it is time to dry, the best strategy is to fully hang it out again. As you use your mosquito net mostly in warm periods, just wash it in the morning and it will be dry again by evening time before you go to bed.

Important is that you never put the net in the dryer, it will damage it. Also better not use a vacuum cleaner to take away the dust, only if your vacuum cleaner has a so called ‘steam function’.

When the mosquito season is over and you decide to temporarily stock your net, just put it in the cotton bag and keep it at a dark place.

Although we think that you might want to keep it hanging above your bed the whole year through…

But sticking to the cleaning theme, let’s be honest. Almost none of us really likes to clean or to wash, so our suggestion is to sing while doing it. Try to think of a nice song, don’t worry if you are out of tune, make your own mosquito net song and you will see, it is done before you know it.

Or if you are really not into music, think of a good joke. Feel free to send it to us and we will post in our next blog!

If you already got a Bambulah mosquito net, great, enjoy it. If not, stop reading now and get one. We are very curious to hear your experience!


Thanks for visiting us.

Good night. And sleep safe.