How often does a mosquito bite?

We all recognise the annoying itch of a mosquito bite, but how often does a mosquito bite? We will give you a tip in advance; Do not disturb a mosquito while biting; otherwise, you will never get rid of it!

Mosquito bites

If you spot a mosquito on your body, you better wait before chasing it away! It turns out that a mosquito bites more often when it’s disturbed. If a mosquito can “eat” undisturbed, one bite is enough. It’s good to know that mosquitoes bite, not sting. Mosquitoes do not have stingers like, for example, a wasp. Mosquitoes bite your skin to suck blood. They need your blood to reproduce.

Difference Between Males and Females

We already mentioned that mosquitoes bite so they can reproduce. Your blood contains specific proteins necessary for the development of their eggs. So it’s no surprise that female mosquitoes are always biting you. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about male mosquitoes. How do you recognise them? Female mosquitoes can buzz endlessly, while male mosquitoes can fly silently. Baby mosquitoes are then born within three days.

Mosquitoes that sting more often

Unfortunately for us, some mosquitoes bite more often. It’s been proven that mosquitoes infected with malaria can bite much more often. These infected mosquitoes have a harder time sucking up blood, causing them to bite several times. Unfortunately, this way, more people could become infected with malaria.

Who do mosquitoes prefer to bite?

Do you feel that you are the biggest victim of the mosquito time and again? Chances are you are: an athlete, man or a pregnant woman! It turns out that mosquitoes signal you in a certain way. The moment you have exercised, these signals become more intense. A mosquito feels the heat of your body, but also the carbon dioxide content in your breath! Crazy, right? It also appears that men and pregnant women are more often victims of mosquito bites.

How to prevent mosquito bites?

Of course, you prefer not to get stung at all. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid a mosquito bite. We are happy to share our best tips with you!

Mosquito net or bed canopy

Do you often wake up in the night to the annoying buzzing of a mosquito? Then a bed canopy or mosquito net is perfect for you! It keeps mosquitoes away so that you can enjoy your well deserved night’s sleep. In addition, a mosquito net or bed canopy is a perfect decorative item in your bedroom. At Bambulah, we have an extensive range of bed canopies, which combine ultimate protection with an iconic style. All our bed canopies are designed by ourselves, truly Dutch Design. We paid attention to even the smallest details making our mosquito nets/ bed canopies unique. Don’t hesitate to view our Entire Collection.


When you are outside and do not have the protection of a mosquito net, then Deet comes in handy. Deet is a substance that repels insects, so you can ensure that the mosquitoes stay at a distance. Deet is available in various drugstores in concentrations of 10% to 50%. The higher the percentage, the longer the substance is active, like sunscreen. This way, you can stay protected for an average of 10 hours against ticks and mosquitoes with a concentration of 50%. However, it is good to know that these products have an age restriction! For example, high concentrations can only be used from 18 years old. Therefore, always discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist beforehand.

Light and sturdy clothing

Did you know that a mosquito is more likely to be attracted to dark clothing? So wear light clothes if you go for a walk on a hot summer day! In addition, mosquitoes sting right through thin pants, skirts and socks. Therefore, make sure that you wear reasonably sturdy clothing, which is loose around your body. This way, it is much more difficult for a mosquito to bite through..