How do you hang a mosquito net?

With warmer days ahead, buying a mosquito net is not a bad idea! Although a mosquito net is a real eye-catcher in your bedroom, many people also choose to take this accessory with them when traveling. It’s a perfect way to enjoy your well-deserved night’s sleep anytime, anywhere. We love to share with you the best way to hang a mosquito net.

 The importance of a mosquito net

You might wonder: ‘taking a mosquito net along on a trip, isn’t that too much of a hassle? We know this much. You will seriously regret not taking your mosquito net with you when traveling. Especially if you are heading to tropical destinations. Quite often, you will already be dealing with health-protective products and sometimes even vaccinations. In addition, you want to wake up well-rested on your holiday, without being covered in mosquito bites the next morning! Adding a mosquito net to your suitcase is a must, even if your hotel or apartment has air conditioning. Although mosquitoes are indeed less fond of cold air and airflow, running air conditioning all the time isn’t always good for your health. In which case, a mosquito net is the perfect solution!

 Hanging your mosquito net. This is how it’s done.

Many people aren’t sure whether they should take their mosquito net with them on a trip. Is the room spacious enough? Is there a hook to actually hang the mosquito net? The goods news is: mosquito nets are perfectly easy to hang! With a little bit of common sense, you should be done in just a few minutes. Because quite often, mosquito nets come with suspension sets. All you need to do is hang them. The suspension set includes a cord, screw hooks and wall or ceiling plugs. Find the perfect spot in your hotel room to hang the mosquito net, like curtain rails, a closet door or the handle of a window, and simply attach the cord to it. Does your mosquito net come with multiple suspension points? Then you can cross the cord over each other, creating a kind of ‘spider web’. We can pretty much guarantee this can be done in almost every hotel or apartment! So, there’s no excuse to leave your mosquito net at home.

 Extra tips if you’re going on a trip!

Before leaving for your holiday destination, here are some tips! We perfectly understand you can’t wait to embark on your adventure, without having to spend hours hanging your mosquito net. So why not practice at home a couple of times to get the hang of it! We’re pretty sure you will succeed in no time. It’s the perfect way to avoid fiddling around on your holiday destination. If you’re in doubt about the suspension points available in your room, you can bring some of your own. Like self-adhesive hooks or duct tape. Last but not least, it’s always a good thing to check whether your mosquito net comes all the way to the floor and closes properly around the bed. Or else, the mosquitoes might be able to enter your mosquito net. Obviously, we want to avoid that!

 Which mosquito net is your best option?

Many different types of mosquito nets exist. So how do you pick the most suitable mosquito net for your situation? First of all, keep in mind where you’re going to be using your mosquito net. Is it meant for your bedroom at home, or is it simply an accessory that you want to have with you on your trip? If you’re taking the mosquito net on a trip, keep in mind its weight. Because obviously, you don’t want to be dragging a heavy suitcase while traveling. Also, we recommend giving thought to the shape of the mosquito net. Because in some hotel rooms, hanging a very large mosquito net is not an option. It means that a rectangular mosquito net is not a good idea. Always pick a mosquito net with a single suspension point. It’s much easier to hang! Finally, pay attention to the quality of the mosquito net. Especially on a trip, the mosquito net should be durable. Besides, you want to be properly protected against mosquitoes or any other insects. Bambulah offers you a great choice of mosquito nets! Our self-designed mosquito nets are about combining ultimate protection and iconic style. Do you want to find out what kind of mosquito nets we have on offer? Feel free to explore our full collection!