How do you control mosquitoes in winter?

12 January 2022 / Maayk

With winter approaching you might think that you won’t have any more problems with mosquitoes, but still these pesky insects can interrupt your sleep. How can this be, if you keep your doors and windows closed most of the day?

Unfortunately, mosquitoes can survive a few more months in the cold. That is why you will sometimes still see mosquitoes during the winter months. We will give you several solutions below on how to control mosquitoes in winter!

Key points to retain

Mosquitoes can survive in winter thanks to the warmth of our homes, so here’s how to combat them:

  • Hang a mosquito net over the bed.
  • Install mosquito nets on windows
  • Check the cellar
  • Check the water in your garden pots and containers.

How does a mosquito survive during the winter months?

You’re probably wondering how a mosquito can survive the cold. Because it is true that insects do not like to breed in cold temperatures. In large cities or densely populated areas it is already much colder than in a nature reserve, for example.

Cities are ideal for the winter mosquito to survive. The warmth of the houses allows them to continue to live but also to reproduce. This is exactly the reason why you still find mosquitoes at home.

Place a mosquito net over the bed

Most of the time we only have one type of mosquito at home during the winter. But they are still very annoying and can interrupt your sleep? Hang a mosquito net over your bed and you have the perfect solution! The intricate netting does not allow annoying insects to get through, so you can rest peacefully without waking up from the buzzing.

Nowadays there are all kinds of mosquito nets for sale in different sizes, we cover both single bed canopies and double bed canopies, so you are sure to find one that suits you.

It is important to mention that the mosquito net has to be big enough to cover the whole bed. In case a mosquito net is too short, mosquitoes can still get through the net or bite you through the net.

Apart from the fact that it is super effective against mosquitoes, it is also a nice addition as a decorative piece in your interior! A mosquito net immediately gives a chic and elegant look to the bedroom.

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Place a mosquito net on the windows

A mosquito net in front of the windows is a good way to keep mosquitoes out of the bedroom. Especially if the bedroom is facing the garden, a mosquito can get in from time to time. A mosquito net therefore offers the perfect protection from the outside.

You don’t want a fixed mosquito net on your window? Choose a detachable mosquito net, they work with a clip system and can be removed at any time.

Check your crawlspace

The mosquitoes we normally see during the winter months usually come from the crawl space – an area built up between the ground and the underside of a house. Mosquito larvae breed in freshwater pools. A crawl space with a layer of water is therefore the perfect place for the mosquito to breed and survive.

Mosquitoes can enter through grids and hollow walls. To prevent this you can buy paraffin oil and pour it into the crawl space. This oil is distributed over the entire water surface. This way, the mosquitoes will no longer have oxygen and will die. Despite this, the mosquitoes will remain alive for about 7 days.

Cover the pond

Now that you know that mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, it would also be sensible to check for water in jugs or dishes in the garden. If you remove water from most places, mosquitoes will have fewer opportunities to lay their eggs.

Of course, you can’t empty an entire pond, but covering it with a screen can make it less easy for mosquitoes to get to the water. Don’t want to cover it with a tarpaulin? Then you still have the option to buy some fish that eat mosquito larvae. This is a win-win situation, as the fish will also have something to eat.

Canopies from Bambulah

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Maayk is the co-founder of Bambulah, a sustainable bed canopy / mosquito net brand. With a wealth of travel and expat experience, he's woven cultural richness into Bambulah. His passion drives the brand's success, and Bali is his inspiration. Within less than 3 years, Bambulah is now among the world's largest mosquito net brands, committed to sustainability.

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