How do you control mosquitoes in winter?

With winter approaching, you may think you have finally got rid of mosquitoes, but you are still disturbed by these annoying mosquitoes at night. How is this possible? You keep windows and doors closed, right? Unfortunately, mosquitoes can survive in the cold for several months. That is why you can still have mosquitoes in the house in autumn and even winter. That’s why we give you some tips on how to fight mosquitoes in winter!

How can a mosquito survive in the winter?

You are probably wondering how a mosquito can survive in the cold. Indeed, insects do not like to reproduce in the cold. It is only much less cold in large cities and densely populated areas than in, for example, open nature reserves. Cities are therefore ideal for mosquitoes to survive in the winter. The warmth of houses ensures that they can stay alive and continue reproducing. This explains why you still encounter mosquitoes in the house since it is warmer there.

Hang a bed canopy over your bed.

Usually, we only have a few mosquitoes in the house in the winter. If the mosquitoes still wake you up at night, hang a canopy above your bed. An ideal invention! The fine-meshed net of the mosquito net keeps annoying insects at a distance, so you can sleep peacefully and do not wake up by buzzing mosquitoes. Keep in mind that the bed canopy must be large enough so that it falls entirely over your bed. If the mosquito net is too short or too narrow, mosquitoes can still fly under it or pierce the net. A nice side effect of a bed canopy above your bed is that it’s an excellent addition to your interior! A bed canopy immediately gives the bedroom a stylish look & feel.

A screen for your windows

Hanging insect screens in your windows is an excellent way to keep mosquitoes out of the bedroom. Especially if your bedroom is on the garden side, a mosquito can sneak in now and then. An insect screen offers the perfect protection against mosquitoes from outside. Nowadays there are all kinds of screens for sale in different sizes so that you can find a suitable screen for your bedroom window. The advantage of an insect screen is that you can also use it in the summer. Don’t you always want to have an insect screen in front of the window? Then choose a screen that you can easily disconnect. These work through a click system and can therefore be removed at any time.

Check your crawlspace

The mosquitoes that we often see in the winter often come from the crawl space under the house. Mosquito larvae develop in stagnant freshwater. Therefore, a crawl space with small water pockets is ideal for mosquitoes to grow and survive. A single mosquito can enter your home via grilles, cavity walls and vents. You can buy paraffin oil and pour it into the crawl space to prevent this. The paraffin oil will then spread over the entire water surface. As a result, the mosquito larvae can no longer get oxygen and die.

Cover the pond

Now that you know that mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, it is wise to immediately check your pond or water in pots and buckets in the garden. If you remove the water in as many places as possible, mosquitoes have less chance to lay eggs. Of course, you cannot just empty your pond, but covering the pond already ensure that mosquitoes can no longer reach the water easily. Don’t want to set up a cover? Then you can consider buying fish that eat the mosquito larvae. This is immediately a win-win situation since the fish have something to eat, and you do not have mosquitoes.

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