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What kind of materials are being used?

The different Fabrics

Bambulah mosquito nets are made with;

  • High-Quality Sturdy Polyester,
  • 100% Organic Cotton,
  • Strong Canvas

We have only selected the softest and most durable materials to give you a luxurious feeling for many years to come.

Hoop, bamboo spider & rattan hoop

The PANJI & INTAN models use flexible hoops made of iron coated with plastic to make them lightweight, durable and flexible. These compact hoops make it easy to store your Bambulah net or to take it with you anywhere you like.

All bell-shaped mosquito nets from the Classic collection use so-called bamboo spiders. The frames are made from six or eight pieces of natural bamboo that are held together with a bolt and screw. The spider gives your net its structure but also a beautiful and natural look.

All bell-shaped mosquito nets from the Exclusive & Special collections use a rattan frame. A handmade construction of rattan gives the net its structure but also a high-quality look. The rattan frame perfectly blends into the top of the net for that natural look.

Steel Rings

As a sustainable company, we have chosen steel rings instead of plastic rings. These rings are strong and will hold your net with ease whilst also providing a stylish look.

Bambulah polyester nets

Our polyester mosquito nets are made with high-quality polyester, which is durable and allows for good air circulation inside the mosquito net. At Bambulah, we use 2 types of polyester:

  • We use strong micro-polyester for our lightweight travel nets. These are 50 Denier/324 holes per square inch. (the Panji & the Intan)
  • All our other polyester models use 75 Denier/256 holes per square inch and contain a relative high weight (GSM) to give the net extra strength and a quality feel. Making it a durable and robust polyester net.

All our polyester nets are made with double-hemmed cotton borders and, depending on the model, they have a partial or full cotton roof. This is unique in the market and it gives our canopies their authentic luxury look & feel.

Bambulah cotton nets

Cotton is a luxurious natural fabric that provides an elegant and lavish look. Bambulah nets are made with high-quality, 100% organic cotton that provides the right balance of weight and strength. Our cotton mesh is very tight woven and will keep even the smallest of insects out but let air flow freely. We have selected cotton with a very gentle skin feel for a soft touch when stepping in and out of your bed. All our organic cotton models have been made with double-hemmed cotton borders, which is costly to produce but gives our models this luxury look & feel.


Bambulah canvas nets (outdoor models)

Bambulah introduces a new type of mosquito net: the Outdoor Mosquito Net. An extra strong mosquito net developed for outdoor use. We created an outside canopy that looks like a stylish bed canopy but with a safari tent’s strength.

Outdoor products suffer a lot from the sun, rain and wind. The outdoor models have to be robust and should be able to handle the elements. The net is made of reinforced polyester, the edges and roof are made of canvas (super strong cotton). We use materials that normally are used in high-quality tents, making the net very durable and suitable for hanging outside all summer long. The outdoor net is packed in a beautiful solid canvas storage bag to store the outdoor canopy after the season. As with all our bed canopies, we supply a bag with all mounting materials so you can directly hang your outdoor mosquito net.

What are the differences between polyester and cotton mosquito nets?

The main differences between cotton and polyester:

  • Cotton is 100% natural and polyester is not.
  • Different look in the bedroom.
  • Cotton is more dense, providing a feeling of being in a “cocoon” where you can feel safe.
  • Polyester provides a more “open” feeling
  • Cotton is a little more fragile. Polyester is more sturdy.
  • There is a price difference. We use 100% organic cotton, which is more expensive than polyester.
  • The breathability of both is very similar.

Making a choice is, therefore, more a personal one. What kind of look do you want in your bedroom? Do you prefer cotton or polyester? Do you like the more “cocoon” feel of a cotton net or the more “open” feeling of a polyester need? Both nets have been made with the same principles we use for all our bed canopies: Functionality, Style & Sustainability. 


Which countries do you ship to?

We ship our mosquito nets to almost any country worldwide with FedEx. Isn’t that just marvellous?

** Bambulah does not ship and/or deliver to the UK unfortunately **

What are the shipping costs?

At Bambulah, we like to keep things simple. Just check our below table to see if there are any shipping costs associated with your order.

For orders sent outside the EU, import duties & taxes may apply. Any import duties & taxes payable will be the customer’s sole responsibility and may need to be paid at the time of delivery. Any other costs of rejection to pay these import duties & taxes will be payable by the customer.


Country Shipping costs
Netherlands 4,95 EUR
Belgium, Germany 5,95 EUR
France 8,95 EUR
Austria 9,95 EUR
Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland 19,95 EUR
Zwitserland 19,95 EUR
United States, Portugal 29,95 EUR
Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic 69,95 EUR
All Other Countries see checkout for exact shipping costs


What is the delivery time?

Delivery time per country

Country Delivery time (orders placed between Monday and Friday before 22:00)
The Netherlands Delivery within 1-2 working days
Belgium Delivery within 1-2 working days
Germany Delivery within 2-3 working days
France Delivery within 2-4 working days
Italy / Spain Delivery within 3-5 working days
Denmark Delivery within 2-4 working days
Sweden Delivery within 2-4 working days
Other EU countries Delivery within 5-7 working days
Outside EU Delivery within 5-10 working days


Can I track my order?

Yes, as soon as we ship your order, you will receive an e-mail with a Track & Trace code so that you can track the shipment of your mosquito net(s).

Has my order been shipped?

When we ship your order, you will receive a shipping confirmation via e-mail that includes a Track & Trace number to track the delivery of your item(s).


What is the right mosquito net for me?

Three decisions need to be made to select your ideal bed canopy:

1. Bell-shaped or box-shaped?

  • Bell shape (round or circular mosquito net) The classic bell shape is an icon in your bedroom. Bell-shaped mosquito nets are fixed with only one mounting point. This makes it easy to install. When you are not using your net, it can easily be removed or put behind your bed.
  • Box shape (rectangular or square mosquito net) The box shape brings grandeur to your bedroom. The box shape has six or eight mounting points depending on size. Since the box shape bed canopies hang straight down, it creates the most space, and your mosquito net will not touch your skin anywhere.

2. Single or double bed?

  • Single bed: All our smaller mosquito nets are made with a smaller bed in mind, sizes M or L.
  • Double bed: All our bigger and super big mosquito nets are made with bigger beds in mind, sizes L, XL and XXL.

To make selecting the right mosquito net a little easier for our customers, we created the “Bambulah sizes”. Every model has a size (S,M,L, XL or XXL) which is associated with a corresponding bed size. Hopefully it makes finding the correct net for your bed a breeze.

Please see our conversion table for more information. Our table includes EU, UK, USA/Canada and Australia. Please check our Size Guide for more information.

3. What material do I want for my mosquito net?

This is entirely a personal choice. Bambulah sells 4 types of materials, each in a different price category:

  • Micro-Polyester
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Robust Canvas (Outdoor Models)

Bambulah Mosquito Net Sizes – Rectangular Models

Bambulah Sizes
cm (L x W x H)
inch (L x W x H)
feet (L x W x H)
220 x 160 x 240
86,6 x 63 x 94,4
7ft 2″ x 5ft 2″ x 7ft 8″
220 x 200 x 240
86,6 x 63 x 94,4
7ft 2″ x 5ft 2″ x 7ft 8″
220 x 240 x 240
86,6 x 78,7 x 94,4
7ft 2″ x 6ft 5″ x 7ft 8″
240 x 240 x 240
86,6 x 94,4 x 94,4
7ft 2″ x 7ft 8″ x 7ft 8″

Bambulah Mosquito Net Sizes – Round Models

Ø 60
Ø 23,6
Ø 2ft
Ø 60, Ø 100
Ø 23,6, Ø 39,4
Ø 2ft, Ø 3ft 3″
Ø 100
Ø 39,4
Ø 3ft 3″
Ø 100
Ø 39,4
Ø 3ft 3″

Exchanges & Returns

What is the exchanges & returns policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your mosquito net, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of the shipment date. Please see our Exchanges & Returns section for more information.

Can I exchange my mosquito net?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your mosquito net, you can exchange it within 30 days of the shipment date. Please send us an email to [email protected] with your request, and we will come back to you.

How can I return my mosquito net?

It is simple to return or exchange your mosquito nets.

This is possible up to 30 days after the shipping date. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your order number and reason for return.

Please note we do not accept mosquito nets that are returned without prior notice per email.

Returns are only accepted if the product packaging and the product itself are not damaged. The hangtag with bar-code should be attached to the product. Please include the packing list and the return form in the return package. 

If you wish to know more about our return policy please click on the link below:

exchange ‘& return

I have returned my mosquito net. What happens next?

After receiving your package in good order and the canopy is not damaged & all items are included. We will refund you the amount of your product. The amount of the purchased product will be refunded to your credit or debit card used for the transaction. Depending on the financial institution, this will be within 14 days after receiving your package.


What are the differences between our Collections?

The Classics

Bambulah nets in the Classics range are all made with durable, high-quality polyester. The finishing of the nets is all done with double-hemmed cotton borders.  It’s unique in the market and gives our nets this luxury look.

The Exclusives

Bambulah bed canopies in the Exclusive range are all handmade in Bali by true artisans who combine Balinese inspiration with Dutch style. They are made out of high-quality, 100% organic cotton for an exclusive look and feel. All our borders are double-hemmed, giving it body and making the net beautiful from every angle. This is unique in the market and makes our nets stand out.

The Specials

Bambulah mosquito nets in the Specials range are all handmade in Bali by true artisans. All nets are made with high-quality, 100% organic cotton and double-hemmed borders. These are truly unique pieces that will transform your bedroom.

The Outdoors

Bambulah introduces a new type of mosquito net: the Outdoor Mosquito Net. An extra strong mosquito net developed for outdoor use. Sitting under this canopy, you can have dinner, a drink or read a book without being disturbed by annoying mosquitos, sand flies or other flying insects. We created an outside canopy that looks like a stylish bed canopy but with a safari tent’s strength. So you can safely leave our outdoor nets outside all summer long!

At Bambulah, we design, manufacture and sell a range of unique mosquito nets made of high-quality polyester, cotton and canvas. We want nothing less than to make the best mosquito nets that are also Functional & Decorative. Every little detail has been carefully thought through and designed with our 3 core principles in mind: Durability, Protection & Style.

All our models come with a free mounting set, including strings, wall plugs and screws.



What is the best way to clean the mosquito nets?

  • Bambulah recommends gently hand washing the mosquito net at 30°C (cold wash)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Please wash your net as little as possible to guarantee the best look for years to come

How to get wrinkles out of my mosquito net?

If you take your bed canopy out of the cotton bag, it can sometimes look a bit crumpled. After hanging, these wrinkles will largely disappear by themselves over time. However, you can also give nature a helping hand. You can do this in 3 ways:

1) Spray some mist on the mosquito net with a plant sprayer after it is hung up.

2) Immerse the mosquito net in cold water and hang the mosquito net out to dry (never put a mosquito net in the dryer!)

3) If you have a steamer, carefully steam out the wrinkles. You can often also rent a steam device from a local dry cleaner. Never use a steam iron! When the steam iron is in a vertical position, lime drops can get on the mosquito net when steaming and cause stains. So if you want to use a steamer, make sure you only do it with a professional one.

My cotton mosquito net seems to have an atypical odour. What should I do?

Our cotton mosquito nets are manufactured in Bali. A particular natural type of starch is used for straitening the net for production. However, we have chosen to wash this mixture out of the mosquito nets for two reasons;

1). So that it feels a lot softer

2). So that the mosquito net no longer shrinks when the customer washes it (unique in the market because it is expensive and more fabric is needed).

It may sometimes be that the smell of the starch is still a bit in the mosquito net. Usually, this disappears on its own within a few days, but it can occasionally take a little longer. 

To give nature a helping hand, you can carefully wash the mosquito net by hand with a natural fabric softener and let it hang out afterwards.

You can also hang the mosquito net outside for a while without washing it so that the mosquito net loses its smell more quickly.

Orders & payment

What is the current status of my order?

Once your order is processed in our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail with a Track & Trace number, so you to track when your mosquito net(s) will arrive. When you created an account with us, you can check the status of your order by logging into your Bambulah account on our website.

Can I still change my order?

Once your order is placed, we will immediately start fulfilment in order to provide the fastest delivery time possible. Therefore, your order cannot be changed once it is placed.

Which payment options do you accept?

Bambulah accepts PayPal, and a range of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and IDEAL, Bancontact and Klarna.

How long does it take to obtain a refund?

Within 14 days after we receive the returned item(s).
When the item(s) is received and inspected, we will transfer the purchase amount to the corresponding account used for the purchase.



Bambulah Luxury Mosquito Nets – Dutch Design, handmade in Bali

Bambulah mosquito nets combine ultimate protection with an iconic style.

Meet Bambulah

During our travels to exotic destinations, we have fallen in love with the mosquito net. It not only protects us against mosquitoes but also brings a lot of atmosphere to the bedroom. In our quest for the ultimate mosquito net, we quickly realized that it simply didn’t exist. Our vision of the perfect mosquito net is the combination of Protection & Style and produced Sustainable. We then decided to redesign this age-old product completely. Every detail of every net has been thought through and designed according to our 3 basic principles: Sustainability, Protection & Style. This makes our mosquito nets unique! With a total of 40 different mosquito nets, Bambulah has the most extensive collection of luxury mosquito nets for indoor and outdoor use.

Dutch Design, Handmade in Bali

Only high-quality materials are used for our mosquito nets, such as micro polyester, organic cotton and canvas . High-quality materials are crucial, but they are not the only thing that distinguishes Bambulah mosquito nets. You also need real artisans to make luxury mosquito nets. We travelled the world to find the best artisans and eventually found them on the beautiful island of Bali, where our nets are made by hand. Much attention is paid to even the smallest details, making the professional quality of the sewing and the beautiful finish of each mosquito net stand out. Inspired by the island’s natural beauty, we pay a lot of attention to a sustainable production process, both ecologically and socially.

The result? A truly durable luxury mosquito net that transforms any bedroom. 

Where can I buy Bambulah mosquito nets?

Bambulah mosquito nets are only available online.

Where are the Bambulah mosquito nets produced?

The most significant part of the Bambulah Bed Canopy Collection is handcrafted in Bali by artisans, focusing on durable, high quality and sustainable materials. Bambulah is proud to be involved in all steps of the production process. We have designed our nets in the Netherlands and tested them extensively before going into production. As a result, we only have functional & high-quality mosquito nets in our range.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or complaints. You can reach us on business days from 09:00 – 18:00 by:

e-mail: [email protected]
Via our contact form
Via our online chat

Check our support section (contact) for more details.

Other questions

Do you have coloured mosquito nets?

No, we do not have colours in our assortment, except for a few baby models. The main reason is that we want to produce our nets as sustainable as possible. Therefore we try to avoid/minimise the use of chemicals in our process. That is why more than 95% of our mosquito nets have an off-white, natural colour.

Do you make “Custom Made” mosquito nets?

No, The production of our mosquito nets is done for the most significant part in Bali. We have 40 models which are produced and then shipped to our warehouse in the Netherlands. That is why we can not “custom made” mosquito nets with different sizes.

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