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How do I choose the right double bed canopy?

Bambulah has a whole range of mosquito nets for double beds.

First of all: do you want a round or a square model?

In our range, we have round mosquito nets for a double bed in two different sizes, namely: 100cm/39 inch or 160cm/63 inch diameter at the top of the net. The difference between the 2 models is that the 160cm diameter model is more a 'box shape' model, where the net hangs almost straight down, but with the advantages of a round model with 1 suspension point.

For the square models, we currently have the following two sizes: XL and XXL (Queen and King size).

Our XL model is 220cm/86inch long x 200cm/78inch wide x 240cm/94inch high. Fitting every standard bed of 180cm/71inch. Our XXL model is 220cm/86inch long x 240cm/94inch wide x 240cm/94inch high. This model is especially for beds of 200cm/78 inch wide or if you have a bedside table and want to let it fall within the bed canopy together with your 180cm/71inch bed.

Next season we will also launch our XXXL (super King size) model. Especially for longer people or those who just want some extra space. The XXXL will be 240cm/94inch long x 240cm/94inch wide x 240cm/94inch high.

Second, what material for a double bed canopy

Do you prefer super strong and high-quality polyester, or do you like 100% organic cotton? Both have a different look & feel. It is an entirely personal choice.

Polyester mosquito nets have the advantage that they are stronger and that they do not emit dust. However, due to the friction of polyester in dry air, a polyester net can become slightly static and will thus attract some dust.

Cotton bed canopies do not become static and have a somewhat better air circulation. Cotton bed canopies also do not attract dust, but they do release a bit more dust than a polyester net.

Bambulah double bed mosquito nets are currently available in polyester, but also in 100% organic cotton. All our mosquito nets are finished beautifully with a double cotton hem. The high-quality finish and design make our mosquito nets unique. "From the fabric to the labels, we have only one goal: to make the best bed canopies in the world."

Finally: are you looking for a 1 or 2-person bed canopies?

This choice is mainly determined by the size of your bed for which you want to buy the mosquito net. See our size chart for a detailed overview. The double bed canopy has 2 doors on either side so that you can get in or out from both sides of the bed.