Disadvantages of a cheap mosquito net

10 June 2022 / Maayk

Mosquito nets come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you decide which one is best for you?

We’ll give you one piece of advice upfront: it is better to not pick up a cheap mosquito net! Allow us to tell you more about the disadvantages of a cheap mosquito net. From their questionable material quality and reduced effectiveness in disease prevention to the hidden environmental impacts and the false economy they represent, we’ll cover it all.

Cheap mosquito nets

When we talk about mosquito nets, the material quality is paramount. It’s the first line of defense against the tiny, yet potentially harmful, mosquito. Unfortunately, this is where cheap mosquito nets often fall short. Cheap mosquito nets are generally made of thin material, which mosquitoes can easily pierce through.

The durability of a mosquito net is crucial

A good quality net can last several years, while a cheaply made one might start showing signs of wear and tear within a few months.

The fibers in low-cost nets are often more fragile, leading to tears and holes developing with regular use. These defects are not just a minor inconvenience; they are gateways for mosquitoes, rendering the net virtually useless in protecting you from mosquito bites.

Ineffective Protection

Moreover, the mesh size in cheaper nets can be inconsistent. A net’s effectiveness is determined by its ability to keep mosquitoes out while allowing air to circulate. Cheaper nets often have larger, uneven mesh sizes. 

Additionally, the overall construction of cheap mosquito nets often lacks the attention to detail found in higher-quality alternatives. This includes poorly secured edges and weak seams, which not only contribute to a shorter lifespan but also affect the net’s overall performance in safeguarding against mosquitoes.

High-quality mosquito nets

A high-quality mosquito net is more than just a barrier against insects; it’s a key to a peaceful night’s sleep and a stylish addition to your bedroom. As we’ve discussed the pitfalls of cheap mosquito nets, let’s now focus on the benefits of choosing superior quality.

When selecting a mosquito net, the range of options is vast, allowing you to pick the perfect shape, material, and color that suits your taste and decor.

The most crucial aspect, however, is the material’s quality. A premium mosquito net not only offers complete protection against mosquitoes and other insects but is also built to last for years.

Benefits of high-quality mosquito nets

  • Enhanced protection against insects.
  • Durability.
  • Improved mesh design.
  • Superior design – adding elegance and style to any bedroom setting.
  • Better fit and installation.
  • Environmental consideration.
  • Healthier materials.
Recommended for sure. Very good product and quality

Cost of a high-quality mosquito net

Now that we know that a good mosquito net often has a higher quality, we are naturally curious about what a good mosquito net costs. In any case, you don’t have to worry about extremely high costs. There are different price ranges when it comes to mosquito nets.

Are you looking for a single bed mosquito net? Then it often costs you the least. You can already get yourself a high-quality mosquito net from €55. Double bed mosquito nets start around €95. In addition, you still have countless other choices to make; do you want a round, square or rectangular mosquito net?

And what material are you looking for? Depending on your wishes you can make an estimate of the costs.

Our Single Bed Mosquito Nets

Which mosquito net is best for me?

We can hear you thinking; how do you decide which mosquito net is best for your situation? First of all, it is good to think about where you want to use the mosquito net. Is that in your bedroom at home or do you just want to take your mosquito net with you on a trip? Depending on this, you can make a choice.

We understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a travel mosquito net. In most cases, you are looking for a lightweight mosquito net, as you have to carry it around in your bag or suitcase. Then a cheap mosquito net seems a suitable option.

As we mentioned earlier, a cheap mosquito net also entails many risks. So think carefully about how important your night’s sleep and protection are when you travel before you purchase a mosquito net. We always recommend purchasing a high-quality mosquito net. That way you know for sure that you are well protected and you benefit from a mosquito net that will last you a long time.

High quality mosquito nets

Our range of mosquito nets

Bambulah offers a wide range of mosquito nets! To us, the quality is extremely important, which is why our range consists of handmade mosquito nets. In our Atelier, the craftsmen of Bambulah lovingly make mosquito nets made of high-quality material every day.

We combine ultimate protection with iconic style so that you can transform your bedroom into an amazing oasis of tranquility. Not sure which mosquito net meets all your needs? Then contact one of our specialists! We are happy to help you with all your questions concerning your night’s sleep.

Curious about our complete range? Take a look at all our mosquito nets!

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Maayk is the co-founder of Bambulah, a sustainable bed canopy / mosquito net brand. With a wealth of travel and expat experience, he's woven cultural richness into Bambulah. His passion drives the brand's success, and Bali is his inspiration. Within less than 3 years, Bambulah is now among the world's largest mosquito net brands, committed to sustainability.

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