Different types of Mosquito Nets

30 June 2023 / Maayk

Happy to see you again! Welcome to Bambulah. As summertime is on its way, we think it is the best moment to tell you something about the different types of mosquito nets.

As we all are experiencing a very particular period in our life’s, where traveling might not be the first option we think of right now, let’s try to focus on what would be good for you where you are right now: at home!

model Devi

Home sweet home

Let’s be honest: Is there anything better than waking up in your own bed, having your books and Netflix around you, kissing your partner, your child, your cat or maybe your turtle good morning and start a new sunny day full of energy! Home is where our clock ticks and our heart beats. There is no place like home.

But before you hit the sack last night, there was something bothering you. A small, undefined feeling like something was missing. Most of the people have these thoughts at night, don’t worry, you are never alone in this world, not even on this one.

You looked around in your cosy bedroom, you repainted it in a beautiful yellow color last year, you looked at the sweet bedside lamps on your commode and the beautiful picture of the Himalaya you made last summer. Probably no Himalaya this year, but that was not what you were thinking.

Something was missing. Around your bed. Something that could just be the finishing touch to make your room look even cosier, but also makes you sure that you wake up fresh and fruity every day.

Let us guess. A mosquito net?

That’s right! But as you are, just like us, part of a generation always struggling with the stress of choosing the right one, let us tell you something about the different types of mosquito nets.


Model Intan

Firstly, what is the best shape of a mosquito net

Let’s say that you are a warm, caring person. Your house is full of photos and cheerful objects, your lights are soft and you adore colorful pillows. Then you might want to think of a round shaped mosquito net with a beautiful wooden ring in the top. Because it fits with how you see life.

Don’t get us wrong, you don’t necessarily have to be vegan for this option, followed an anthroposophical school and have hardcore socialistic parents. You are just who you are.

But maybe you are a straight, always lovable and caring, cool and minimalistic person. Your house is light also in wintertime, you are crazy about technology and simple design and you make better coffee than any barista in town. Then you might want to choose a rectangular or square mosquito net. A strong and defined form that suits you perfectly.

Secondly, what is the best material for a mosquito net

Of course you could freak now out by asking yourself the question: BUT WHICH MATERIAL?

You know there is an amazing English expression saying: Every cloud has a silver lining.

Don’t make it too hard on yourself. The sun is always coming back and will clear up all your thoughts. Any way there are in this case just 2 main options, you can do it.

Model kasih

Cotton vs Polyester mosquito nets

Now it doesn’t only depend on who you are and what your interior looks like, it also depends on where you are at home right now. If you are reading this blog in Sao Paulo, we could suggest to go for Polyester mosquito net. The humidity is high and your mosquitoes are wild.

But if you are for example at your home in Skegness in this very instant, we would definitely say: choose a pure cotton mosquito net for your protection. The average outside temperature is 9,7 °, so you might like the idea of making your bedroom even cosier and warmer by a beautiful light cotton mosquito net for a bed.

Just a tip: if you close it well, you could even dream away by projecting 360° films of Sao Paulo on your mosquito net! You see, now you don’t even need to travel anymore.

Polyester is always a good material used for mosquito nets. The advantage of this material is that if you suffer from any dust allergy, this is a very safe option, because the gaze is so fine, there is almost no chance to let the dust get in.

You might have to be a little more careful if you live in Scandinavia, Canada and Scotland where the so called midges live. No, they are not bio dynamic mountain gnomes, but super tiny flies that sting like mosquitoes. You might consider an organic cotton mosquito net there too.

Now you only have to think of a color.

But guess what! We made that option very simple for you as we only sell white & off-white mosquito nets for beds.

Just as Henry Ford used to believe that the best colour for his cars was black, we believe that the most natural & stylish colour for a mosquito net is white & off-white.

If you are looking for a mosquito net for your little one instead, you can choose more colours. And also go for chiffon, a silky soft intricate material, just what you want for your baby. But next time we will tell you all about that!

So before you hit the sack again tonight, stop worrying about what is missing. There is always the right model for everyone, to make you feel complete. And we would be honored to help you find that one.

Thank you for visiting!

Good night. And sleep safe.




Maayk is the co-founder of Bambulah, a sustainable bed canopy / mosquito net brand. With a wealth of travel and expat experience, he's woven cultural richness into Bambulah. His passion drives the brand's success, and Bali is his inspiration. Within less than 3 years, Bambulah is now among the world's largest mosquito net brands, committed to sustainability.

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