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Cotton mosquito nets from Bambulah

Cotton is a luxurious & 100% natural fabric with an elegant and eye-catching look. The Bambulah bed canopies are made with 100% organic cotton with the right balance between weight and strength. Our cotton bed canopies are very fine-meshed and are therefore suitable for keeping out small insects such as mosquitoes and sandflies (midges). At the same time, the fine mesh ensures that the air circulation remains high. Our cotton materials feel wonderfully soft against the skin when you get in and out of your bed. All our cotton bed canopies are handmade in Bali by dedicated artisans with incredible craftsmanship. All our bed canopies are also finished with a double seam: a costly process, but it's the only way to ensure the mosquito net looks beautiful from inside and outside. The Bambulah mosquito nets are notable for their very high-quality finish and unique design.

Bambulah's durable cotton bed canopies are available for babies, children and adults.

We know that for many of our customers, nothing beats 100% natural materials. Our cotton is not bleached and therefore has a natural look. What we do extra is that we have our cotton fabric thoroughly washed before processing it in our canopy beds.

To get the best possible product, but also to ensure that the net no longer shrinks when you wash it yourself at home. Unwashed cotton shrinks significantly, and so more fabric must be used during production if you wash it beforehand. Costly, but this prevents our customers from having a bed canopy which after the first wash will suddenly shrunk by 10 cm.

It's these little things that make the difference between a factory-made cotton bed canopy and our manual way of creating a luxury quality mosquito net. All in line with our philosophy: "From the fabric to the labels, we have only one goal in mind, namely: to make the best bed canopies in the world."

A bed canopy made of cotton or polyester?

Which mosquito net should I buy? Which is better, cotton or polyester? Ultimately, this is more of a personal choice. In principle, both nets protect just as well. The ventilation of both is virtually the same. The big difference is ultimately in the look & feel. Polyester is not a natural material but very strong. Bambulah uses 100% organic cotton, which has a beautiful appearance, feels wonderfully soft and is better for the environment. It is a more sensitive product. The cotton we use is quite densely woven.

The big advantage of this is that it keeps even the smallest mosquitoes and sand flies (midges) out. Especially in countries such as Sweden and Denmark, this is a huge plus. Due to the denser weave, the transparency of the net is slightly less than with polyester.

Giving a specific appearance that many of our customers find very beautiful. When you lie in a cotton bed canopy from Bambulah, you have the feeling that you are in your cocoon. A wonderful, safe place to relax.

A mosquito net made of cotton or bamboo?

In essence, there is little difference between a cotton mosquito net and a bamboo mosquito net. Both can be produced in an ecological way (however, this is a costly process) or by a machine / mechanical way (cheap process, but very polluting). The most significant difference in terms of feel is that sustainable bamboo often feels stiffer and harder / fibrous than sustainable cotton.

Bambulah is currently experimenting with variants of bamboo fibres to obtain an experience just as soft as the cotton we use, but with the least possible impact on the environment. For making the bamboo threats, in many cases, aggressive chemicals are used, such as sodium hydroxide, which can be dangerous to health. Besides, the bamboo yarns are often bleached in sulfuric acid baths. It's because of the above that we're not yet convinced of the use of bamboo bed canopies, and so we will not use bamboo fibres for our mosquito nets for the time being.