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Enjoy. our high quality 100% organic cotton mosquito nets handmade in Bali.

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How do I choose the right cotton mosquito net for my bed?

You are in luck! At Bambulah we’d love to help you find the one that best fits your bed and room. Our collection offers a wide variety of cotton mosquito nets designed for any type of bed.

Choose between a range of different shapes and sizes for your cotton bed mosquito net

We have cotton mosquito nets for single beds, double beds and even king size beds as well as outdoor nets for terraces. Plenty to choose from!

Are you interested in a mosquito net for 1 or 2 people?

This decision is determined by the size of the bed that you want to cover with your mosquito net canopy. You can find detailed measurements in our bed size charts.If you’d like to filter by size, you can browse our single bed mosquito nets and our double bed models.

Find the best canopy shape to support the cotton mosquito net

In addition to the size of the mosquito screen, you can also choose whether you want the bed canopy to be round, square or rectangular.

Each shape creates a very different decorative element to your bedroom. We explain more in the respective categories.

Is it better to buy a cotton or polyester mosquito net for the bedroom?

Ultimately, this is more of a personal choice. Both nets protect just as well. The ventilation of both is virtually the same. The big difference is in the look & feel. 

Bambulah uses 100% organic cotton which has a beautiful appearance, feels wonderfully soft and is better for the environment. It is a more sensitive product. 

Sustainable 100% organic cotton

The cotton we use is densely woven, which helps to keep even the smallest mosquitoes and sand flies out, which is a huge plus. Due to the denser weave, the cotton mosquito net has a very natural appearance that many of our customers find very beautiful. 

When you lie under a cotton bed mosquito net from Bambulah, you have the feeling that you are in your cocoon. A wonderful, safe place to relax.

Recommended for sure. Very good product and quality


More about our high quality handmade mosquito nets

  • Cotton is a natural high quality fabric with an elegant and eye-catching look. The Bambulah mosquito nets are made with 100% organic cotton designed with the right balance between weight and strength.
  • All our mosquito nets are handmade in Bali by dedicated artisans with incredible craftsmanship. They are all finished with a double seam: a costly process, but the only way to ensure the mosquito net looks beautiful from the inside and outside.
  • The Bambulah mosquito nets are notable for their very high-quality finish and unique design.

From Bambulah®, with love.

At Bambulah, we make luxurious & durable mosquito nets for both indoor and outdoor use. All our models have been designed by ourselves.

Significant attention has been paid to even the smallest of details, making our mosquito nets unique in the market. With a total of 40 different mosquito nets, we have the most extensive collection of luxury mosquito net canopies.

Hi dear team Bambulah, Thank you very much for a very kindly and sympatic service. Living in Spain, speaking with Netherlands and getting a wonderful and effective decoration from Bali seems to be an adventure. With warm regards it is a pleasure for me to give my opinion in form of 5 stars. Also 10 stars if there were available. Top quality in materials and handcraft, lovely package and not a week waiting for it. Thank you very much! If you like a foto don’t hesitate to ask for it. Big hugs ❤


About Bambulah

Where are Bambulah mosquito nets made?

Bambulah is proud to be involved in all stages of the production process. We designed our nets in the Netherlands and tested them thoroughly before moving on to production. Our nets are handmade in Bali in specific atelier with an emphasis on high-quality materials.

To which countries do you deliver?

We deliver to all countries in Europe except for the UK momentarily. Please note that delivery times vary depending on the country and region.

What is your return and exchange policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your mosquito net, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of the purchase date. Please consult our Exchanges and Returns section for more information.

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