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The Panji

Balinese for a piece of cloth - How simple do you want it?

The Panji


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  • Mounting set included
  • Travel mosquito net
  • Worldwide delivery with FedEx
  • With your order, we grow our Bambulah forest!
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The Panji is our basic, bell-shaped, mosquito net for a single bed.

Made with strong but lightweight, fine-mesh polyester for maximum airflow. The finishing is with pure, white, double-hemmed cotton borders, unique in the market.

We use a fibre hoop to keep the mosquito net lightweight. A mounting set is included and it comes in a beautiful cotton bag.


Sustainable, practical yet distinguished products, designed with the principles of simplicity and beauty.


Bambulah mosquito nets are carefully handcrafted and are made with the highest quality materials.


From expanding our Bambulah forest to the minimal use of plastic throughout our entire supply chain. We care about our planet.

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