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The Mt Abang (2-4 persons)

Very suitable for the somewhat smaller terraces & pergolas

The Mt Abang (2-4 persons)


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  • The borders & borders are made of high-quality Canvas
  • Mt Abang is made with strong & sturdy polyester
  • Worldwide delivery with FedEx
  • With your order, we grow our Bambulah forest!
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The Mt. Abang is an extra-strong mosquito net developed for outdoor use. We have created a mosquito net that looks like a stylish canopy but with a safari tent's strength.

Our outdoor mosquito nets are robust and can endure the beating of the sun, rain and wind. The net itself is made of reinforced polyester. The edges and roof are made of canvas (super strong cotton). This kind of canvas is being used for high-quality tents. They make our outdoor canopies durable and suitable for leaving them outside all summer long.

All models have cords to secure the door panels for when the mosquito net is not in use. You can easily hang the canopy with unique loops and steel rings. Small note: there must be a possibility to hang/mount the net since the mosquito nets come without a frame. Please note: we do not make to order. The sizes shown here are the only available sizes.

The mosquito net comes in a beautiful, sturdy canvas bag to store the canopy after the summer. As with all our canopies, we include a small accessory bag with all mounting materials so you can directly hang the mosquito net. Enjoy a comfortable place where you can sit outside in the evening, undisturbed, to have dinner or a drink without annoying mosquitoes.


Sustainable, practical yet distinguished products, designed with the principles of simplicity and beauty.


Bambulah mosquito nets are carefully handcrafted and are made with the highest quality materials.


From expanding our Bambulah forest to the minimal use of plastic throughout our entire supply chain. We care about our planet.

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