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The Kayu

The Kayu - Balinese for Wood  

The Kayu


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  • Handmade in Bali
  • Worldwide delivery with FedEx
  • Help us grow the Bambulah Forest
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The Kayu is a beautiful wall hanging handcrafted in Bali. The shells used are called Kowok and are pure white shells. Kowok shells are relatively rare and make this piece unique. Combined with the wood, the Kayu truly brings a tropical beach feel to any home.

This decoration is originally from Papua New Guinea and is used in traditional ceremonies. The Dayak People from Kalimantan used these shells for their family ceremonies.  


Sustainable, practical yet distinguished products, designed with the principles of simplicity and beauty.


Bambulah mosquito nets are carefully handcrafted and are made with the highest quality materials.


From expanding our Bambulah forest to the minimal use of plastic throughout our entire supply chain. We care about our planet.

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