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The Jeruk

The Jeruk - Balinese for Orange

The Jeruk


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  • Handmade in Bali
  • Worldwide delivery with FedEx
  • Help us grow the Bambulah Forest
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The Jeruk is a soft blanket in a warm Terracotta colour, made with traditionally woven cotton fabric from Tumanggal, Indonesia. This fabric can only be found in the central part of Java and has a unique texture due to the large natural fibres famous for this region. The handmade cotton macrame at the end of the blanket gives it a beautiful finish.

A traditional "handloom" is used to weave fabrics without electricity. The manipulation of the foot pedals to lift the warp has to be in sync with the throwing of the shuttle, which carries the weft yarn. A perfect weave demands the perfect coordination between mind and body.

All our blankets are handmade in our Atelier in Bali.

Please note that the Jeruk blanket fits perfectly with the cushions Endari & Senang, which we also sell.


Sustainable, practical yet distinguished products, designed with the principles of simplicity and beauty.


Bambulah mosquito nets are carefully handcrafted and are made with the highest quality materials.


From expanding our Bambulah forest to the minimal use of plastic throughout our entire supply chain. We care about our planet.

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