1 September 2023 / Maayk

What to Do About the Tiger Mosquito?

Yikes! The tiger mosquito is being spotted more frequently. This exotic mosquito can transmit various diseases, so it’s better to steer clear of this insect. So we’re going to explain what to do about the tiger mosquito and how to best protect yourself against it. Let’s dive in together! What you need to retain from […]

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30 June 2023 / Maayk

Different types of Mosquito Nets

Happy to see you again! Welcome to Bambulah. As summertime is on its way, we think it is the best moment to tell you something about the different types of mosquito nets. As we all are experiencing a very particular period in our life’s, where traveling might not be the first option we think of […]

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10 October 2022 / Maayk

Mosquito screen – An alternative to the mosquito net?

Interested in getting rid of the buzzing in your room and the mosquito bites on your legs? Purchasing a mosquito net or a mosquito screen is not a bad idea! We are more than happy to delve into all the pros and cons with you. Differences between mosquito nets and screens A mosquito net is […]

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7 September 2022 / Maayk

Benefits of our handmade mosquito nets

The key benefit is clear: A good night’s sleep with no mosquito bites! We can go on and o about the benefits of mosquito nets. But which type of mosquito net is most suitable for you? In this blog, we are happy to tell you all the benefits of our handmade mosquito nets and why they […]

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4 August 2022 / Maayk

Which fabric is best for a mosquito net?

It has probably happened to you before: you are soundly asleep and suddenly you hear that irritating buzzing sound by your ear from an annoying mosquito. This can easily be solved by hanging a mosquito net above your bed. With the help of a mosquito net from Bambulah, you are assured of a good night’s […]

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10 June 2022 / Maayk

Disadvantages of a cheap mosquito net

Mosquito nets come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you decide which one is best for you? We’ll give you one piece of advice upfront: it is better to not pick up a cheap mosquito net! Allow us to tell you more about the disadvantages of a cheap mosquito net. From their questionable […]

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9 May 2022 / Maayk

How do you hang a mosquito net?

After you order one of our canopies, the question “how do you hang a mosquito net?” becomes particularly relevant. Purchasing a mosquito net is a savvy move! Not only is it a striking addition to your bedroom decor, but it’s also a travel essential for uninterrupted sleep. We’re excited to guide you through the best […]

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31 March 2022 / Maayk

Are mosquitoes attracted to light?

You’ve probably heard that people turn off the lights in their bedrooms to keep mosquitoes out. Leaving the light on means your room will be full of annoying insects. But is this truly the case? Are mosquitoes attracted to light or is it a myth? We will give you the answer! Are mosquitoes truly attracted […]

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16 February 2022 / Maayk

How often does a mosquito bite?

We all recognise the annoying itch of a mosquito bite, but how often does a mosquito bite? We will give you a tip in advance: Do not disturb a mosquito while biting; otherwise, you will never get rid of it! How many times does a mosquito bite? Before you run to shoo away a mosquito […]

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12 January 2022 / Maayk

How do you control mosquitoes in winter?

With winter approaching you might think that you won’t have any more problems with mosquitoes, but still these pesky insects can interrupt your sleep. How can this be, if you keep your doors and windows closed most of the day? Unfortunately, mosquitoes can survive a few more months in the cold. That is why you […]

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12 January 2022 / Maayk

What to do against mosquitoes in the house?

Mosquitoes can seriously disrupt your sleep. When you are finally sleeping, you are suddenly woken by buzzing. Of course, you want to get rid of that annoying mosquito as soon as possible. But what to do against mosquitoes in the house? We are happy to give you some tips for that! Key points to remember […]

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19 January 2021 / Maayk

A mosquito net for winter

The mosquito threat is most commonly tied to the summer season. But, in practice, a mosquito net for the winter season is an excellent accessory and great upgrade for a cozy bedroom. Having a mosquito net surrounding your bed in the winter has several advantages. Here are a few examples to convince you of why […]

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18 January 2021 / Maayk

Dangerous Mosquitoes in Europe: Species, Risks and Protection

Find out which are the more dangerous mosquitoes in Europe and learn how to protect yourself effectively. From the Asian tiger mosquito to West Nile virus, we discuss the risks and preventive measures. Dangerous types of mosquitoes in Europe Below is a list of the mosquito species that we need to be wary about. Aedes […]

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2 August 2020 / Maayk

How to clean a mosquito net?

Welcome back to our blog! Today, we’re diving into the essentials of maintaining your Bambulah mosquito net, ensuring it stays clean and effective. We have created an essential guide to learn exactly how to clean a mosquito net. Read below to find tips, tricks, and a bit of humor along the way. Why choose mosquito […]

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