Benefits of handmade mosquito nets

A good night’s sleep, an atmospheric item for your bedroom and no mosquito bites! We can go on and o about the benefits of mosquito nets. But which type of mosquito net is most suitable for you? In this blog, we are happy to tell you what makes handmade mosquito nets so unique. Will you be as big of a fan as we are?

Stylish and special

One of the biggest benefits of a handmade mosquito net is that it is an incredibly stylish and special accessory in your bedroom. It’s something unique; something that makes your room stand out from others. Although a handmade mosquito net is often seen as a summer must-have, this accessory is also very suitable for the winter months. Admittedly, you may have less issues with mosquitoes in the colder months, but a mosquito net not only provides protection, it also gives your room a very cosy feel. And on top of that, you can choose any handmade mosquito net you desire! Do you prefer a square or round shape? And which colour ties in best with your bedroom? Gather some pillows, wash your best duvet cover, light a candle and voilà! With a handmade mosquito net, you make your bedroom even cosier. How nice is this item as a present for your girlfriend, mother, aunt or acquaintance? You’ll make everyone happy with a handmade mosquito net.

Sustainable protection

Sweet dreams! With a handmade mosquito net you benefit from the ultimate protection. Enjoy a carefree night without annoying buzzing, itching and mosquito bites. A mosquito net provides a natural barrier between humans and insects. At Bambulah, we love this, but we like to go a step further. We know that the mosquito net industry has a major impact on the environment and that’s why we do everything we can to bring a more sustainable product to the market. We design top-quality handmade mosquito nets that are not meant to be thrown away within a year. We work with small production batches and keep our stock and designs limited. And if we still have any unsold mosquito nets left, then we donate these to a good cause. Besides the mosquito nets themselves, we also ensure that the packaging of the mosquito nets consists of as little plastic as possible. That is why the bags for our mosquito nets are made of cotton. The bags for screws, wall plugs and cords, with which you mount the mosquito net, are also completely made of cotton. Is it not possible to make something from cotton? Then we use recycled or partially recycled material. You can see this in our packaging, printed materials and hanging labels. In this way, we contribute to a better environment.


A handmade mosquito net from Bambulah is an incredibly beautiful and timeless design. At Bambulah, we make our mosquito nets in our own workshop on the beautiful tropical island of Bali. Our craftsmen have true passion and an eye for detail, which has enabled us to give the age-old mosquito net a new look! We use the latest techniques and materials, so that your handmade mosquito net is always up to date with the latest trends. We designed more than 40 different models with a lot of love, so you’ll always find a mosquito net that suits you. This is how we combine the ultimate protection with an iconic style.


Bambulah’s craftsmen pay attention to the smallest details and that is what makes us so special. We only use high-quality materials such as micro-polyester, organic cotton, canvas and even pure silk. This makes the professional quality of the sewing, the details and the great finish of each mosquito net stand out. What is the result? A real eye-catcher in your bedroom of the very best quality. Wow!

Ready to purchase your handmade mosquito net?

Are you looking for a luxurious accessory for your bedroom? Is your girlfriend’s, aunt’s or distant acquaintance’s birthday coming up and are you still looking for a suitable gift? Or were you already convinced to score yourself a handmade mosquito net? Then this is the perfect time to shop for a new mosquito net. Discover which materials, shapes and colours tickle your fancy and select the item that suits you best.

Do you have any questions about Bambulah’s handmade mosquito nets? Then let us know right away! Our specialists are happy to help you with all your questions regarding a carefree night’s sleep. We can be reached on working days from Monday to Friday via e-mail, [email protected], or you can send us a message via the chat on our website.