The mosquito nets & bed canopies from the Young One's collection are suitable for baby & kids rooms. All mosquito nets & canopies are made with high-quality fabrics such as soft, but strong polyester, super soft chiffon and 100% organic cotton. The top part of all our bed canopies are beautifully finished. "From the fabric to the labels, we have one goal in mind, which is to make the best bed canopies in the world."

Mosquito net for the baby room

At Bambulah we have beautiful, functional mosquito nets and canopies for the baby bed, cot or crib, which are all very decorative. Functionality & Style always comes first at Bambulah.

Baby mosquito nets are specially made for above a bed or cot: 

The Wayan is available in the following colours: pink mosquito net, blue mosquito net, grey mosquito net, mint green mosquito net and a completely white mosquito net. The colours have subtly been incorporated into the borders. The Wayan is a polyester net and is a full-fledged mosquito net that protects your little one against mosquitoes and other small insects.

The Bedjo is made of super soft chiffon and can undoubtedly function as a mosquito net. However, we often see that the Bedjo is a decorative canopy piece in the kid's room.

The Anisa is made of 100% organic cotton. Like all other Bambulah mosquito nets, it can be used for protection against mosquitoes. However, we see that this baby mosquito net is more often used as a bed canopy, so more for decoration. The Anisa comes with a handmade Balinese owl to watch over your little one.

Baby Bed Canopy

Baby bed canopy for the nursery

Developing this line was with toddlers and kids in mind. Bambulah canopies are used in different ways, as a bed canopy around the cot but also a play tent for kids. Put a soft mat underneath, some books & cuddly toys in the tent and your little one has a beautiful play tent. The Raja is made of super soft muslin cotton and is available in different colours: ocher yellow canopy, blue canopy, dusty pink canopy, mint green canopy and white canopy. Give your little one a beautiful place to play.

Boho baby room and vintage nursery

A real hit at the moment is the Boho nursery. As in our pictures, the rattan cribs are stylishly combined with our bed canopies and mosquito nets. They are also very suitable for the vintage nursery. Ultimately, the mosquito net or bed canopy is just a beautiful item in the nursery. What Style will your baby or kids room get?


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About Bambulah® Canopies

Sustainable mosquito nets from a sustainable company

At Bambulah, we make various luxurious and durable bed canopies. We work every day to make the most beautiful mosquito nets. In doing so, we strive to continuously improve our products, material choices, sustainable production methods, and working methods.

Quality over quantity

It's in our DNA to make sustainable bed canopies: top-quality, well-designed mosquito nets should not be thrown away within a year. Bambulah prefers to work with small production batches than to work with large manufacturers who produce millions of nets per year.

Choosing the right fabric

Our designs are timeless, and our quality is durable. This way, you can enjoy your bed canopy for years to come. We also try to avoid/ limit the use of chemicals in our processes. That is why more than 95% of our bed canopies have an 'off-white', natural colour.

Small steps, big differences

Bambulah bed canopies are shipped with as little plastic as possible. That is why the storage bags for the bed canopies are made of cotton. Even the extra pouch for hanging hooks, wall plugs, and cords (to attach the mosquito net) is made of cotton. Our packaging, hang tags, printed materials, a.o. are all made from recycled or partially recycled materials.

Our achievable goal: produce as little waste as possible

Bambulah strives to make polyester nets from plastic waste. Although we currently do not sell 100% environmentally friendly polyester nets, our goal is to make part of our polyester collection from recycled plastic waste by 2022. We continuously brainstorm to find ways to reduce the mountain of trash, with the ultimate goal of producing zero waste.

About Bambulah Luxury bed canopies

Bambulah bed canopies combine the ultimate protection with an iconic style. Our goal: to make stylish & durable mosquito nets at a fair price. Most of our mosquito nets are handmade in Bali by artisans with incredible craftsmanship. Making the sewing quality, the various details, and the beautiful finish of each mosquito net genuinely stand out.

In short, at Bambulah, we design, manufacture, and sell a range of unique bed canopies made of high-quality polyester or 100% organic cotton. We want nothing less than to make the best bed canopies that are functional & decorative.

How to install a mosquito net

All our bed canopies are supplied in a cotton storage bag plus a small cotton pouch with the necessary mounting materials.

Free delivery

Bambulah bed canopies are delivered free of charge in the United Kingdom. When ordered before 22:00 your order will be delivered within 2-4 working days. The service one can expect when purchasing a high-quality bed canopy.

Mosquito net Kids

The children's bed canopies protect against annoying mosquitoes and insects in the bedroom. This way, you and your child can enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep in the summer. Most of our nets have a white colour, especially with the polyester you can easily see through to see your little one. Also, this mosquito net has a removable flexible ring. You can easily hang it from the ceiling. Due to the flexible ring, it is also suitable as a travel mosquito net where you can easily take it with you in the supplied cotton bag.

A children's mosquito net is the natural solution against mosquitoes

When using a children's mosquito net, you do not give mosquitoes and other insects a chance to disturb your child's sleep. A mosquito net is also called a bed canopy or bed net. You can easily hang a mosquito net above the bed and protect against mosquitoes and insects. This way, you can enjoy a good night's sleep undisturbed in the summer, without the annoying buzz and mosquito bites.

Types of mosquito nets and mosquito nets

There are different types of mosquito nets and mosquito nets. The Bambulah mosquito nets are not only functional, but they're also beautiful as decoration in the nursery. For example, a cotton mosquito net is an icon and a real mood maker. The perfect natural baby mosquito net for over a crib.