A winter bed canopy

A bed canopy is seen as a real summer must-have. But that a mosquito net is also an excellent accessory during the winter months is less known. Having a bed canopy around your bed in the winter has several advantages. Here are a few examples to convince you should also use the mosquito net in autumn.

The winter proof bedroom

Is your bedroom already winter proof? Maybe you have taken out the thick duvet and your electric blanket is ready to be switched on. Many people think that this is the moment the bed canopy should be removed, but we would advise you to leave the mosquito net where it is. A bed canopy in winter is very cosy and gives your bedroom that sought-after warm appearance.

Make the room extra cosy by placing a nice plaid and some additional decorative cushions on your bed. A large wind light at the foot end, where you burn a (LED) candle in the evening, will complete this. You can hang decorative lamps around your Bambulah mosquito net, to create even more mood lighting in the bedroom. For example, you can use battery-powered Christmas lights. Or hang those fun string lights with balls in various colours around your bed canopy.

The bed canopy no longer needs to be closed every evening to keep out annoying mosquitoes. You can now also choose to tie the fabric up gracefully so that the winter bed canopy forms a cosy bed tent under which you can get through those cold winter nights much more comfortably. A number of the mosquito nets in the Bambulah range are equipped with sturdy cotton cords with which you can easily tie the net.


Benefits of the winter mosquito net

In addition to the advantage that your bedroom looks cosier with a luxurious bed canopy above your bed or box spring, hanging a mosquito net also has other benefits.

Because now that the mosquitoes are gone, it doesn’t mean that other unwanted guests no longer enter your sleeping area. By closing the mosquito net before going to sleep, you also prevent other insects and other small critters from getting to you so easily—such an excellent idea.

And although Bambulah’s luxurious mosquito nets are slightly translucent, an unmade bed is less noticeable when a large bed canopy hangs around it. Also, a significant advantage, which makes you want to leave the winter mosquito net hanging.

With a beautiful mosquito net from Bambulah, you can transform your sleeping place into a luxurious daybed in no time. Just drape the opening along the sides of your bed. Make your bed nicely and put some extra pillows against your headboard or backrest.
Especially when your bedroom has multiple functions, such as in a studio or a student room, for example, the mosquito net can ensure that your sleeping place becomes a separate part of the room.

Are you already looking forward to the nights where you crawl under the duvet with a nice cup of tea and a good book with a winter bed canopy around you? We hope you now also find that hanging a mosquito net in winter.