Bambulah's luxury mosquito nets are designed for ultimate comfort


Bambulah's mosquito nets provide a natural barrier between human and insect


Bambulah's mosquito nets perfectly combine protection with style

The perfect shape for your bed

Box shaped canopy beds

Bell shaped canopy beds

The design - timeless

At Bambulah, we make Luxurious & Sustainable mosquito nets. All models in our range are designed by ourselves. We have re-designed the age-old mosquito net with the latest techniques & materials. This makes our mosquito nets unique! With 40 different mosquito nets, Bambulah has the most extensive collection of luxury mosquito nets. Bambulah mosquito nets combine ultimate protection with an iconic style!

Mosquito Net

The quality - handmade precision

Bambulah mosquito nets are handmade by real craftsmen. The attention to even the smallest details makes our mosquito nets so special. Only top quality fabrics are used, such as high-quality polyester, organic cotton and even pure Mulberry silk. The result? A truly luxurious mosquito net that transforms every bedroom. Just look, what a difference!

Mosquito Net for Double Bed by Bambulah

The Ultimate protection - sweet dreams

Enjoy a carefree night. Annoying buzzing, itching and mosquito bites are a thing of the past. Feel protected against mosquitoes all year round or just experience the feeling of security. It is up to you!

Bambulah Mosquito Nets

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Precision - Best artsian made mosquito nets
When you buy a Bambulah mosquito net you can adopt tree in our forest for a small fee of 1 euro
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